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Work has begun on a patch for HQ2 which offers several improvements and additions to the demo.

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Work is well underway for a patch for HQ2. Based upon user feedback, we have added in Abuse style mouse aiming. Players will still have the option to use the keyboard or controller style movement system.

Currently the main changes and upgrades include:
- abuse-style mouselook mode
- lives counter. Player starts with 3 extra lives on easy, 2 on medium, 1 on hard.
- score counter. Every monster gives a different number of score depending on its type.
- every pickup and damagable entity gives a few points when picked up or destroyed.
- Extra life every 50,000 score.
- Checkpoints.
- Fixed enemy counter in stats screen
- New Chainsaw Sounds
- Remastered music for demo. This includes a new remix of doom's e1m1, stats screen and boss battle.

There is no current release date for the patch. One will be posted when work nearly finished on it.

Additionally we are also looking for anybody interested in creating a map or maps for HQ2. If you are interested in helping out, please feel to contact us through our mod db page, or one of our current team members.

Finally we would also like to thank everybody for trying out the demo. The team had a blast working on this mod and it is great to see everybody enjoying it.


The patch sounds great, just keep it up like that and HardQore 2 will me even "awesomer" then it already is. ;)

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