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The cumulative patch contains a lot of fixes, tweaks and a few new stuff. Hopefully, it will be the last minor patch for a while.

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This patch will hopefully be the last one for a while and will fix and tweak what was left in version 0.3. The main addition was fixing the coast of south america, with most of the effort in Chile and Tierra del Fuego, which was notoriously wrong. Several of the islands were connected to each other and more important, the Strait of Magellan didn't really exist.

Chile   Vanilla and HPM

Another focus was on the Amazon River delta, which suffered a similar problem. Other islands were fixed, mainly in Greece, and I did a systematic work in the coast of south america to guarantee everything was right, meaning that, at least coastal-wise, I'm happy with South America and work on the coast there is mostly done. There's still the coast of other continents and a lot of wrong terrain there though. There's a few new events, decisions and some tweaks to existing ones. The future of St. Barthelemy now can be questioned by France and some of the Organize X colony now change religion too: Botswana will not be forever animist now, even after civilized. Ideally, I will make one of those "organize X colony" for each of the main religions (Catholic branches, Islam and maybe Judaism) but not right now. I still need to fix the event spam the USA before I think about that.

Anyway, I'm not really good at writing this stuff, so I better leave the changelog. I always find reading changelogs more interesting anyway.


  1. V0.3.1.2
  2. -Added Namibia flags. Thanks AFPG!
  3. -Made Heligoland in a colony again.
  4. -Fixed the Trail of Tears decision needing Guymon.
  5. -Renamed East Canton to West Canton and renamed Canton to East Canton.
  6. -Fixed a potential event who could create British enclaves in Canada during the occupation of the north (of Canada).
  7. -Removed natives as accepted from Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, so it's back to vanilla.
  8. -Fixed the Monroe Doctrine CB not excluding Bluefields.
  9. -Fixed not being able to use the Place in the Sun CB if you are landlocked but are surrounded by colonies.
  10. -Separated Chiloé Island from Mainland Chile.
  11. -Fixed Isla Navarino being connected to other islands and to Osorno Province. Reduced the size of the Isla de los Estados. Separated Isla Gordon from the mainland. Separated the Tierra del Fuego from mainland South America and made the Strait of Magellan an actual Strait. Fixed Isla Dawson being connected to the mainland, fixed its shape. Fixed Punta Arenas province to better reflect IRL border. Separated from Isla Clarence from the other Islands. Fixed Falklands and South Georgia Islands shape. Fixed Porvenir-Rio Grande borders not being straight. Fixed all the islands and coasts in south Chile from Osorno to the Tierra del Fuego.
  12. -Added a port to Porvenir province, now you can build a port there.
  13. -Made the Guadalupe-Hidalgo decision tell the value it will cost.
  14. -Fixed the coast of Ecuador and added the Isla Santa Rosa ( integrated in Esmeraldas) to the top. Fixed the Panama Pacific Coast up to Panama province. Fixed the rio Orinoco delta. Fixed San Felipe shape. Fixed glitches in Cayenne in Guyana. Fixed the Maracá Island being connected to the Macapá province proper. Fixed a ghost ocean in Sao Luis. Separated Ilha Grande and Ilhabela from mainland Brazil. Made florianopolis in an island. Fixed Carmen Coast. Fixed Porto Alegre Bay. Fixed the Amazon river Delta. Finished fixing the coast of South America.
  15. -Forming Malaysia now should properly remove the cores of Sarawak, Kutai and Brunei if you own any of it.
  16. -Removed the Trinidad - Guiria (Venezuela) strait to avoid the AI fortifying Trinidad with troops.
  17. -Made a decision for Nicaragua to move their capital to Managua if it isn't their capital.
  18. -Fixed two Bahamas Islands that were connecting and they shouldn't and fixed a graphical glitch in one of them.
  19. -Added railroad spawn information to Qina and Aswan in Egypt so the tracks spawn in a more realistic manner.
  20. -Added a decision for Egypt to move their capital to Cairo if they own it and it isn't their capital.
  21. -Fixed the spawn points of railroads in Peru, Chile and Colombia.
  22. -Natuna is now a part of Siak instead of Malaya so Indonesia might get cores on the Island.
  23. -Made Atauro Island part of Dili province (east timor).
  24. -Fixed a part of the Sea of Celebes being in Borneo.
  25. -Fixed Malay-Indonesia border in Borneo. Made Pulau Sebatik and Pulau Nunukan in real islands.
  26. -Creating Indonesia will now remove the cores of the constituent nations (Java, Aceh, Siak, etc) as it gain cores.
  27. -Uniting Malay and Indonesia will now remove cores from the constituent nations.
  28. -Added one event for the St Barths referendum. Changed the pops from swedish to French in the Island. The owner of the island have several options and can hold a referendum, offer the island to the UK, to the Netherlands, to France or keep it. France will respond to each of these situations and can claim the island if they don't get it. The referendum can have a french victory or not, and any loser can ignore the result and claim the island for infamy. The AI will respond and select an option depending on relations, GP status and others.
  29. -Tweaked the Rhine Crisis declaration event and added a missing option.
  30. -Fixed two lost pixels near Titicaca. Fixed the Titica shape and the Peru-Bolivian border there.
  31. -The Dutch East India company events should not longer give CBs on vassals/spherelings.
  32. -General prestige will now give a little more morale to the troops.
  33. -Stopped Ezo from getting cores on Sakhalin to avoid problems.
  34. -kaitakushi decision now requires N&I to avoid it firing too soon and Japan losing the modifiers because of Ezo.
  35. -Made sure Wallachia and Moldavia lose all their cores once they don't exist and romania exists.
  36. -Western New Guinea is now fully in Asia while Papua New Guinea is fully in Oceania.
  37. -Changed Ostend Manifesto decision so it shows the requirements better and improved the AI decision making regarding it. The amount of given infamy is now random from 0 to 6.
  38. -When Fascist, Communist and Reactionary rebels enforce demands the minority rights reform should default to Cultural Rights. Same thing when Fascist/Communist/Reactionaries Coup.
  39. -Merged 2647 - Nizhneyansk in Yukagir. 2647 is now called Lifau, the first european settlement in Timor and former Portuguese capital of Timor.
  40. -Added a custom picture for the White Rajah event.
  41. -The French Foreign Legion modifier now increases mobilization size by 1.5%.
  42. -Lowered the NV gap to mobilization from 1% to 0.5%.
  43. -Changed mobilization values to 5%, 4%, 2% and 1% respectively. Service by requirements malus to education changed from -5% to -1%. To compensate, it will also give a -3% RGO output (less hands on the fields and more on the military).
  44. -Removed the Bima tag, added the Timor tag.
  45. -Flores and Alor moved from the Timor region to the Sunda Islands region.
  46. -Sawu Island is now part of Sumba rather than Roti. Added a few Hindu pops to Sumba to represent the population of that island.
  47. -Sumba now starts under Dutch rule. That's partially correct. It wasn't under Bali and I can't find any source on who controlled it.
  48. -Added an organized Timor decision. It civilizes the tag, change it to democracy and change it to the catholic or protestant religion, depending on who takes it. Also added a reorganize decision.
  49. -Rebalanced the River of Silver modifier.
  50. -Reduced starting relations for Ecuador and Peru.
  51. -Fixed the provinces terrain and LR in Northern Africa based on
  52. -Removed the Tibetan cores at the game start to stop Tibet from being extremely jingoistic the entire game. Added a Greater Tibet decision.
  53. -Substates in China lost their cores in land they didn't own at the game start to stop them from being overly jingoistic.
  54. -Reshaped the coastal provinces of Libya to better represent the Fertile area of Libya. See Biome map posted above. Also adjusted the terrain map for North Africa. Reshaped Gabes in Tunisia. Reshaped Al Arish in Egypt to follow the coast a little more. Reshaped Ziqaziq to be more aesthetically pleasing.
  55. -The result of the reshaping and terrain fix in northern Africa is a better representation of the biome/terrain. It also means that Morocco, Algiers and Tunisia have more "usable" land while Libya has less. Egyptian plains are also only concentrated on the Nile and the Nile Delta.
  56. -Changed Railway position in Rosarito to avoid it passing over water. Changed the railway position in animas.
  57. -The Organize Botswana decision now changes the default (animist) religion to either catholic or protestant, depending on the country taking it. Previously, Botswana would be forever animist.
  58. -Added a Namibia tag, added the cores to the map, made one decision to organize Namibia decision for catholics and one for protestant countries.
  59. -Refuting Manifest Destiny now disables the Guadalupe-Hidalgo treaty even if Mexico isn't a GP.
  60. -Changed the Persian decisions that give RP to give based on years_of_research instead of a fixed amount.
  61. ____________________________________________________________
  62. V0.3.1.1
  63. -Improved the Portuguese Civil Code description.
  64. -Made so the Portuguese events for the conquest of Mozambique don't happen if you have a truce with the uncivs, doubled the time the CB stays around and improved the event a little bit. Did the same for other similar events for Portugal.
  65. -In the event "Schleswig-Holstein Under Our Control", selecting "Holstein may go, but Schleswig is $COUNTRY_ADJ$." will remove the german core in Aabenraa (Danish majority) but won't remove the core on Flensburg (German Majority).
  66. -Fixed the Marmaris peninsula in the coast of Turkey being an island and added the Symi, Tilos, Nisiros and Krevatia islands to the Dodecanese province. Fixed Kefalos being separated from Kos, fixed Kos shape.
  67. -The China tag should now have all the Chinese cultures as accepted.
  68. -Fixed the Qing still losing RP after the Panthay Rebellion.
  69. -Made Euboea Island (Khakhis) in a real island. Made Salamis in an island again and fixed the athens/corinth border and the coast of Greece a little bit.
  70. -Made sure the events dealing with the sudanese rebellion don't give sudan for non european (also excluding Russia and Turkey) countries.
  71. -Removed the Cherokee tag from the start, they will only come back after the Trail of Tears decision.
  72. -Added a flag to guarantee the Found Budapest decision can only be taken once.
  73. -Made so the French Indochina events always give CBs.
  74. -The French Military Mission to Japan now requires Nationalism and Imperialism rather than Iron Steamers.
  75. -Integrated the Faroe party names and event one anon made.
  76. -Added one Lake in Florida and one in Argentina. Worked on the RDS integration a little bit.
  77. -Fixed Scandinavian vassals not under the leader of the kalmar union but still under a scandinavian overlord not getting an event to unify with Scandinavia (and not getting the Kalmar Modifiers) if they were still a vassal. Reforming Scandinavia should also remove all Kalmar related modifiers now and include the scandinavian vassals of scandinavian countries. Schleswig and Schleswig-Holstein are included too and can be inherited when forming Scandinavia.
  78. -To represent the semi independent baltic duchies properly, Daugavpils now starts as part of Russia.
  79. -The vanilla assimilation events (the ones that remove a core from a province you have a core in) no longer get rescinded if the ruling party has a full citizenship policy, only if you have all allowed rights.
  80. -Substates no longer take part in the events (the assimilation events) to gain or to remove cores.
  81. ____________________________________________________________
  82. V0.3.1
  83. -Fixed an event that potentially led to Bahrain being at war with the REB tag.
  84. -(Hopefully) fixed Japan accidentally getting the Isolationism modifier after westernizing because of one event.
  85. -Fixed an event/decision description string from vanilla.
  86. -Fixed the Create Malay decision to remove the proper cores.
  87. -Tweaked down the literacy level for a few states in India and Burma.
  88. -Added an "Emigration" NF. It has some specific conditions to be used and it can only be used by the player in non colonial provinces.
  89. -Fixed an inverted localization for an event.
  90. -Excluded the AI from several "useless" NFs.
  91. -You can no longer place a NF in a state if any of the provinces is occupied by an enemy country. The only exception is the Flashpoint NF.
  92. -Having a party with planned economy in power will now lock the railroad and the production NFs, since they become useless in a country with planned economy.
  93. -Made AI value clergy a little more.
  94. -Fixed one greek flag.
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