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The changelog and the changes for this update are massive. The new reforms are implemented and the new pop, sers, are in too. This is released as a beta because of the experimental features: reforms need balancing and everything needs to be smooth before it leaves beta. Use it at your own risk. It is more stable than the older version, but might not be as balanced. I still need to implement serfdom in the Ottoman Empire. The update should be up as soon as Moddb clears it.

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  1. Changelog:
  2. V0.2 Beta 2
  3. -Changed Seoul name to Hanseong.
  4. -Changed the Penal Labor reform to Transportation. Now it makes pops more likely to emigrate to colonies when enacted. It also makes them more likely to go to desert/arctic terrains in countries without any colonies.
  5. -Implemented serf pops. They are usually conservative, don't give any trouble, are 5% more efficient than farmers, can work in mines or farms. Any poor pop with the exception of soldiers will demote to serfs up to 40% of the population.
  6. -Added 4.19M pops or 16.76M people serfs in Russia. According to Wikipedia: the 1861 Emancipation Manifesto proclaimed the emancipation of the serfs on private estates and of the domestic (household) serfs. By this edict more than 23 (5.75M pops) million people received their liberty. That way, the russian serfs have some space to grow.
  7. -Added serfs to all of Congress Poland.
  8. -Changed the Slave pops in India/China to serfs to better represent what these pops were.
  9. -Corrected a typo in the Vanilla Manifest Destiny decision description.
  10. -Added an event for the Prussian Constitution of 1848. It will keep the liberals at bay for some time and pass the reforms and concessions the king did.
  11. -Fixed some missing description localizations for some authors inventions.
  12. -Muslims now enjoy the same penalty for religious conversion as Jews (in non muslims states, that is).
  13. -Lowered the average time to build the canals.
  14. -Upped Chicago LR to 40 so pops are more likely to move it there.
  15. -Hamburg start with fortifications now.
  16. -Australian is the primary culture of Australia now, they also get aborigine as accepted. Might change that later. Added australian pops in australia so when they get free they can convert pops to australian. In vanilla, the australian culture exists in the files but not in the pops, so it never appears. Change the culture of New Zealand and also made it australian, but now the culture is called Australasian, to represent the cultures of Australia and New Zealand (I'm still more partial for it being only Australian).
  17. -Changed the names from New Zealand form their english names to native names. The names change later with colonization.
  18. -Fixed China/Qing party names. Changed some party names to add some flavor. Add another Chinese liberal party that gets unlocked in 1860 (Yangwu Yundong or Foreign Affairs Movement) and renamed the Chinese Liberals to Yangwu Pai (Westernisers) (most stuff came from
  19. -Made an event to make sure Canada get its northern borders.
  20. -Changed the literacy of the Italian pops under austria. Now they start with the average 40% that the North Italians share, with the exception of Lombardy that is slightly more.
  21. -Fixed the Mafia crime so it does what the description says it will do.
  22. -Fixed St. Pierre pops.
  23. -Changed the finnish animists in provinces 982 and 2587 to orthodox.
  24. -Made the Jirim Chuulgan province (1533) a part of the region Heilongjiang for better borders.
  25. -Changed the shape of petsamo a little bit.
  26. -Made Zumbo and Songo a Portuguese colony as it historically was according to Songo was made on the basis of the strong portuguese influence in the area, that went up Tete, in the confluence with Songo and Zumbo.
  27. -Changed province 2581 name from Mataka to Chiconono. Mataka was the name of one of the Yao leaders, and according to the internet, the center village there was called Chiconono.
  28. -Changed province 2070 name from Mutare to Umtali, as it was its name.
  29. -Added 5 new events dealing with the portuguese conquest of Mozambique and the fall of Gaza. Fixed the portuguse and Gaza starting borders in the area (they lost 2057 - Sofala to Gaza).
  30. -Fixed Kongo's capital. Now it's on province 2001, Mbanza, as it was set by king King Pedro IV of Kongo in 1709.
  31. -Fixed a localization bug with the Treaty of Tartu and a typo in one of vanilla inventions.
  32. -Desert starting religion is now Mormon (so it's the only Mormon tag in the game), and starting government is theocracy.
  33. -Changed how the game address you in a fascist dictatorship from Fuhrer to Supreme Leader.
  34. -Viipuri changes to Vyborg ist he Finnish cede it to Russia in the Treaty of Tartu event
  35. -Fixed Finland not having any techs in the game start
  36. -Changed how jacobins stop forming. They will stop forming in a democracy with at least universal_weighted_voting that doesn't have a reactionary, fascist or communist party in power, but in a hms_government they will rise until there's a liberal party in power.
  37. -Changed colonial migration a little bit: Pops that aren't of the state religion and aren't animists will be more likely to immigrate to the colonies IF the ruling party policy is moralism (since they face persecution, they try to find liberty in the colonies). Religious conversion in colonies suffer a penalty (not enough state control).
  38. -Added Bahawalpur and gave Bahawalpur province to it. Made it a satellite of the UK.
  39. -Fixed Prussian starting alliances. Now Prussia start allied with their SoI to avoid the huge amount of clicking to get them in in the game start. Gave them a boost to relations to represent what happened after they got an allaiance after the game start.
  40. -Made an event for Tuscany to inherit Lucca by default around 1847 or Sardinia/Two Sicilies if they have Lucca in sphere.
  41. -Fixed Austria start so they start allied with their sphere (the italian sphere).
  42. -Changed the Bavarian Reactionary party name to the their historical name.
  43. -In the Treaty of Paris when Russia loses the Crimean war, the Aland Islands are ceded to Finland, demilitarized and Russia loses its core in it.
  44. -Added a special form of government (theocracy) and a special form of rebels (islamic fundamentalists). They only appear in specific conditions.
  45. -Added events for a GP protectorate over Sudan.
  46. -Added events for the Mahdist revolt in Sudan.
  47. -Stopped Substates and Vassals from being able to take the Leave SoI decision, so it's not abused to get free easily.
  48. -Changed province 1845 Yambio name to Bahr el Ghazal
  49. -Stopped Egypt going back as a vassal after the Oriental Crisis.
  50. -Added 4 events to egypt or sudan owners to cover the Mahdist revolt, the conquest of South Sudan and of Darfur.
  51. -Removed the accepted cultures from Liberia (as they really segregated those guys) and added events for the Liberian Independence in 1847 and their conquest of the rest of the country. Changed it so Liberia starts as a US colony. Also fixed the Liberian parties names.
  52. -China should lose their cores in 1469 Uriankhai/Kyzyl once Russia takes it and rename it. The provinces in Outer Manchuria and Kyzyl also gets a 3 year modifier to encourage russian immigration and kickstart assimilation.
  53. -Renamed Lake Tchad to Lake Chad and renamed Lake Victoria to Nalubaale. Added an event for European explorers to find it and rename it, depending on their culture group.
  54. -Fixed NNM separatist rebels spawn_chance screwed syntax
  55. -Disabled the Dominion system
  56. -Craftsmen will demote to serfs until 80% of the province is serfs, while farmers and labourers stop demoting at 40%.
  57. -Slaves don't have needs anymore. They didn't buy anything because they got no money and needing something only got them pissed because they couldn't buy stuff.
  58. -Stopped pops from demoting to serfs in areas they historically were abolished/didn't exist. SO the baltic states will not have serfs, nor italian provinces of austria or austria proper, even if Austria and Russia have serfdom.
  59. -Added 269.95K serfs to Transylvania (a little more than the 243K they had according to ).
  60. -Finished adding serfs to Austria, totalizing 21% of the pops or almost 2M. In contrast, Russia starts with a third of its pops as serfs, 4 M pops.
  61. -Added a decision for Russia to expel the Manchu from Primorye
  62. -Reduced the RGO bonus of reforms, to avoid early game overproduction.
  63. -Fixed reform desire. Made it more focused on the vanilla reforms. After a country has some basic rights secured, pops will start focusing on other issues. Added UH reform desire. Previously, pops were happy with voting and having the UH as appointed only.
  64. -Fixed the Congress Poland start. It has a warning and the January uprising starts in Congress Poland.
  65. -Made an event for the abolition of serfdom in Austria.
  66. -Made an event for the sale of Zeyla
  67. -Gave Taizz to the Ottomans
  68. -Made an event for the Pioneer Column and the foundation of Rhodesia. The event move british soldiers from cape colony to Rhodesia.
  69. -The Rhineland starts with a steel factory rather than a fabric factory. Meant to simulate Krupp's steel factory in the area.
  70. -Added a historical general for Brazil.
  71. -removed reform desire for Bureaucracy reforms and for Proportional representation in the UH, but they still want two per state. Reform desire for these didn't make much sense.
  72. -Changed vanilla universal voting reform desire that could happen before universal voting was the next reform.
  73. -Event for culture groups to rename Istanbul
  74. -As a provisional measure, a theocracy turns into a HM's government once they pass enough reforms.
  75. -As a provisional measure, Russia and Austria abolition of serfdom immediately changes all serfs to farmers.
  76. -Stopped slaves and native cultures in the americas to assimilating in the primary culture
  77. -stopped non american/oceanic countries from enjoying the assimilation bonus of the continent
  78. Experimental Features:
  79. -Ports reduce importation cost in 0.1% per level. The objective is to simulate infrastructure of big ports
  80. V0.2 Beta
  81. -Changed CZH, SLV and BEL fascist flags to the historical flags. Corrected party names, corrected all Croatia's Party names, corrected some of Canada and Brazil party names.
  82. -Made Australia, Canada and New Zealand use the BritishGC group
  83. -Removed the Ainu tag, added the Ezo tag and added events for their Independence.
  84. -Made Norway start with basic school
  85. -Made the Sweden school reform event actually change the school to basic school
  86. -Made a new technology, splitting the effects of bacteria and antiseptics, called it germ theory (made to represent the maturation of bacteria theory principle)
  87. -Prussia, Austria and Belgium start with historical generals. Eventually, I want all nations to start with historical generals.
  88. -Made sure the UK conquers the Sikh (at least they get the CB to do it)
  89. -Renamed some nation governments like TUR communist and PBC republic.
  90. -Tied health reforms to tech, so you can't have good healthcare without techs. You will be able to tell the necessary techs by hovering the mouse over the next reform that you can take.
  91. -Changed vaccination discovery chance to use a more reasonable tech
  92. -Made the crisis system dynamic - the first nation to research revolution and counterrevolution will stop the events that cool tensions in non colonial nations around the globe. You will be able to use the increase tension NF when you have researched revolution and counterrevolution.
  93. -Added 5 more images to the historical events of Mexico
  94. -Made participation in elections (election events) optional. An event will fire before the events start to ask if you want to participate in the elections (that is, to have the vanilla election events) or you forfeit it. Forfeiting it will make the issues move randomly in random non colonial states. Elections now last 7 months instead of 6 because it takes one more month for the elections to start for real.
  95. -Added an event for the historical change in child labor laws in Prussia
  96. -Removed TAGs: PZN - Poznan, LEO - Leon.
  97. -Added 6 new reforms for civs and 5 for uncivs
  98. -Added the new reforms for all countries.
  99. -Balanced several reforms: State Press give some ruling party support. Party Free Trade/Protectionism are not the sole decider of tariff sliders. Economic policy also plays a role. So Free Trade/Protectionism decide about half of the stuff, with Protectionism letting the tariffs up to 50%. Protectionism ups the tariff limit limit in 10%. State capitalism ups in 25% and Planned Economy let it be fully unlocked. But the more control over the economy you have, the bigger the import costs. Party war policy also plays an important facytor, both in conscription and military spending. Jingoist parties can put 100% in the military budget, pro military can go up to 75%, anti military can go up to 50% and pacifist can go up to 30%
  100. -Changed so there is no promotion to capitalist or aristocrats under a communist government.
  101. -Added a decision for communist governments to nationalize the industry, get money based on taxes and convert all rich strata to farmers and craftsmen.
  102. -Adapted the flag that made less likely for capitalists to develop under serfdom to apply to all countries with the serfdom reform.
  103. -Changed it so communist governments can't encourage capitalists or aristocrats.
  104. -Fixed several vanilla bugs related to pop issue choosing and pop literacy.
  105. -Made disarmed nations (nations paying war reparations) influence in pop going fascist (that is, pops are more likely to go fascist in these nations).
  106. -Changed the way pops side with slavery. More educated pops with high CON (with the exception of aristocrats in slave states) will be generally pro abolition. Pops in slave states are always less inclined to abolish slavery. Officers and soldiers in war time will want to abolish slavery. Farmers and Laborers unemployed in a slave state will be way more inclined to support abolition. Reactionary pops will be a little more inclined to support slavery while liberal, communist, socialist and anarcho-liberals will be more inclined to support abolition. Capitalists will always be less inclined to support slavery. This all means that a pop with high education will have a hard time maintaining slavery while a country with less literacy will have an easier time.
  107. -Adapted the ACW slavery events for the new reforms and added new images for some of the more important events.
  108. -Adapted all other slavery related events to take into account the new reforms
  109. -Added 2 historical generals and one admiral for the french in 1836 (related to the conquest of Algeria). Added one more historical general for Algeria.
  110. -Added an event for the rise of the Senussi, so the ottomans can conquer them and the Italo-Turkish war can end with Lybia's borders, maybe. You can play as them in the event but they have 3K pops and less than 1% are soldiers. Good luck!
  111. -Removed old terrain system.
  112. -Made ideology unlocking more dynamic, it's based on research now. Fascism unlocks from 1900 with the invention of Doctrine of Fascism. Socialism with Karl Mark and Engels invention form 1845. Communists from 1860 with the historical theory, karl marx, engels and if you already invented socialists, hopefully unlocking around the first international. Anarcho-Liberals with from 1840 from pierre joseph proudhon. Changed the descriptions for unlocking these ideologies. Made it so the country that unlocks fascism has some pops converted to fascist ideology to simulate an Italy-like situation. The first country that unlocks communism gets a very small boost to communists in their capital. to
  113. -Added a modifier for the Zulu to simulate their military focus and dominance in the area. Tweaked Matabele pops and added the king of Mtabele as a General named Mzilikazi. Added events for the Mzilikazi migration to Matabeleland (when that happens the region will be renamed that, the region is now vanilla named as Rozwi) and for the Mfecane.
  114. -Added a historical general to Suali and Basotho.
  115. -Changed the name of Natal-Zululand to Zululand only. When Natal is declared, the region will change the name. Changed the name of the region Vrystaat to Basutoland. It will change to Vrystaat with Transvaal. Changed the name of Ladysmith to Emnambithi. It will change to Ladysmith once Natal is declared. Changed Lydenburg to Ga-Riba, it will change to Lydenburg. Changed Pretoria to Ga-Rankuwa. Changed the name of the region from Transvaal to Tky-Gariep. Changed the Kimberley region to Griqualand and Kimberley to Griqualand. Changed Bloemfontein to Thaba Nchu. Anyway, changed all the colonial names from these places to time appropriate names. The names change when the republics rise.
  116. -Changed kimberley (coal) RGO for Pretoria (grain) RGO
  117. -Added slaves for the south african nations that had them.
  118. -Made uncivs without access to the sea unable to get some events regarding westernization and ships. In practice, uncivs without sea access have a higher chance of taking longer to civilize.
  119. -Made pops in countries with the NV Liberty or Equality be more pro abolition
  120. -Fixed Congress Poland borders
  121. -Changed the name of Seattle to Fort Vancouver, Portland to Oregon City and Baker City to Grande Ronde. These cities weren't founded at the game start but Vancouver and Oregon City were. Gave Vancouver to the british ( In 1824, using this citation as source : He moved its regional headquarters to Fort Vancouver, which became the de facto political center of the Pacific Northwest.) Baker city is founded with the great migration.
  122. -Added events for the great 1842 fire of hamburg and for germans to send help and for the great migration of 1843 for the USA to get oregon.
  123. -Changed the goods of Klamath Falls from fish to timber and changed Portland (oregon city) from timber to fish. Changed the goods of Nitchequon from fish to timber and changed Fort Chimo from timber to fish. Changed Banja Luka (fish) to fruits and and Zadar (fruit) to fish. Changed Mao (fish) to cattle and Cotonou (cattle) to fish. Changed Velingara (fish) to grain and Bissau (grain) to fish. Changed Boras (fish) to grain and Frederiksstad (Grain) to fish. Changed Qaratal (fish) to grain and Kizil Arvat (grain) to fish. Changed Nagano (fish) to grain and Mito (grain) to fish. Changed Caribou (timber) to grain and Port Harrrison (grain) to timber. Changed Stikine (timber) to grain and Ross river (grain) to timber. Changed Fort Vermilion (timber) to grain and Inuvik (grain) to timber. Changed Dryden (timber) to cattle and Ungava (cattle) to timber. Whitehorse (fish) to timber and Prince Rupert (timber) to fish. Fort Rupert (fish) to Iron and Repulse Bay (iron) to fish. Changed Aruchukwu (fish) to grain and Calabar (grain) to fish. Changed Colima to Fish (iron), gualajara to timber (fish) and aguascalientes to iron (timber). So all fish RGOs are by the ocea, on a sea, near a great lake or the article circle.
  124. -Reworked Canada's, Iceland and Greenland Life Ratings. Iceland and Greenland LR went down to 25 and 10 respectively. Most of Canada went down to 10 in the extreme north, then 15-20-25 in the middle with the 35 values kept in the border with the USA. Toronto, Ottawa and the line of cities nearby got up to 40. Hopefully, the country will be populated more historically.
  125. -Added triggered modifiers for owning the Kiel, Suez and the Panama Canal. Adapted the british Raj one. Made a new modifier for small civilized countries, with less than a million people (300K pops) or less than 6 cities, to keep small countries like Lubeck afloat without loans. The modifier only applies to European countries though.
  126. -Changed clergymen localization to intellectuals.
  127. -Added Slaves and aristocrats to the dutch Antilles.
  128. -Artisans can make fabric out of wool now.
  129. -Made New York a coastal province.
  130. -Removed the Jan Mayen Island and added the colony of Saint Barthelemy (St. Barths in the game), a swedish colony in the antilles.
  131. -Fixed the Sahara western border in the terrain map.
  132. -Changed the unused coastal desert vanilla terrain to Desert, made the old Desert terrain into Inhospitable Desert. You can't build infrastructure in inhospitable deserts, so you can't crisscross the Sahara with railways. Changed a few provinces from Inhospitable Desert to Desert, so you still can build railways crossing the mojave, potosi, around the arabian peninsula and cape to cairo, obviously.
  133. -Removed Anglo African culture. The culture existed in the cultures files but had NO pops, country, nothing in the game files whatsoever.
  134. -Gave Fascist Spain a decision to reclaim gibraltar, the french Pyrenees and Portugal according to the Falange doctrine. This decision gives a lot of infamy though.
  135. -Renamed 339 Viipuri to Vyborg, 1019 Voronets to Voronezh, 1028 Vyatkha to Vyatka.
  136. -A name changing decision to change St. Petersburg — Leningrad, Ekaterinburg — Sverdlovsk, Nizhni Novgorod — Gorky, Vyatka — Kirov, Tver — Kalinin, Samara — Kuybyshev, Tsaritsyn — Stalingrad, Yuzovka — Stalino, Luhansk — Voroshilovgrad, Mariupol — Zhdanov, Yekaterinoslav — Dnepropetrovsk, Luga - Petrogradsky, Tver Region to Kalinin Oblast and another one to change them back.
  137. -Fixed the broken tax sliders from the social pyramid minimod. The rich taxes and poor taxes weren't inverted.
  138. -Having the Gentry or Hereditary Bureaucracy will make it harder for the poor class to promote to bureaucrats and easier for the rich to "demote" to it.
  139. -Reduced the Russian Fleet size so it's less of a drain on their coffers and added a port to Mariupol, as there was historically.
  140. -You can create Argentina as a GP now, if you have the territories in our sphere or own them.
  141. -Changed the localisation of Sikh parties and of the Mughal Empire to be a little more accurate. Corrected the Sikh Monarchy flag to be historically accurate.
  142. -Anarcho liberals don't show in Unciv nations anymore.
  143. -Changed so clerks (theoretically) earn double the salary of craftsmen.
  144. -Changed Officers so they are demoted on migration, changed so the give less Leadership bonus (from up to 3 points to up to 2) (hopefully, this will make generals more significant and less spammy)
  145. -Changed the way religious conversion works: Literacy no longer is a factor. Religious policy is the biggest factor in conversion. Pops in a occupied province will not convert, animists in africa will convert faster and Mormons/Jews will convert slower.
  146. -Changed the name of La Plata to United Provinces.
  147. -Fixed Russian OOB. No more Fins and no more units in Finland or Congress Poland. Added 2 historical russian generals and 1 admiral.
  148. -Stopped pops that are not from the state religion to be pro-moralism.
  149. -Changed so the Second Great Awakening event of the USA gives moralism for pops of the state religion only.
  150. -Made an event for Japan to lose cores on Korea after some time of not holding Seul while a civilized nation holds it.
  151. -Made an event for the USA to pass child labor reforms.
  152. -Changed the vanilla events to make it less likely that the AI will spend money when don't have any and bankrupt themselves.
  153. -Changed some events like Authoritarianism to remove Pluralism besides the already established effects.
  154. -Changed the NV modifiers to be more distinct.
  155. -Renamed Walvis Bay to Ezorongondo, Port Arthur to Lüshun, Windhoek to Otjomuise, Swakopmund to Otjozondjii, Karasburg to Aixa-aibes. Made decisions to rename these places.
  156. -Added a bunch of names to the Japanese and the Korean name list. Previously Koreans had about 10 names, now they have a lot. Inverted the name with the surname fields of the japanese and the koreans.
  157. -Fixed a localization bug in the alaskan purchase.
  158. -Made capitalsits a little more useful for factory input.
  159. -Once a country loses a containment war, they also get their forts and naval bases destroyed.
  160. -Unify America and the Austrian Empire requires a jingoistic party in power. Austria-Hungary can no longer use it.
  161. -Added a genocide decision. You need the inventions Dogma of Violence and Rethoric of Hate nor be a signatory of the Geneva Convention. You need a fascisc/communist dictatorship or an absolute monarchy/presidential dictatorship with a reactionary/fascist/communist part in power. The decision sets a timer so you can continue. at the end, an event chain will guide through the options.
  162. -Added a decision to retract from the Geneva Convention.
  163. -Added an event for cleaning Japanese cores in Korea if they don't hold it after some time. A korean playtrhough is a little more possible now. I should get around to get the old finnbro decision to refute the manifest destiny as Mexico.
  164. -Stopped the Rotten Boroughs crime to happen in countries with no voting.
  165. -Added a new Hunger Riots crime for civs under severed hardship.
  166. -Made events for the Rhine Crisis. It happens with a french declaration that starts enmity by the german states and France. If Prussia takes the Die Wacht am Rhein decision, any non germanic country will get a call to defend Germany by Prussia in a unification movement.
  167. -Add event to rename the Namibia colonies and for the Luderitz expedition.
  168. -The Springtime of Nations now should only happen in europe, like the description says.
  169. -Conservatives are more likely in slave states (to avoid the whole Liberal CSA thing that was going on).
  170. -Made an event for the abolition of slavery POST American Civil War. The ACW can happen before the abolition of slavery, and now the USA can abolish after the war ends, like it officially happened.
  171. -Added 3 new NVs: Autocracy, Tradition and Productivity. They have their own unique bonuses and changes in POP ideology. Autocracy and Tradition make pops less likely to be liberal and more likely to be conservative. Productivity is completely neutral. Changed several countries NVs to reflect the new NVs. National values are not tiers like PDM, they are meant to represent the core values of a nation's people. And that almost doesn't change. Russia is the best example. Ever since the 19th (and before, actually) century they have a tradition of having a strong ruler.
  172. -Fixed Prussian OOB so the organization of the starting armies is better. Didn't change the number of units, only their places.
  173. -South Africa is not normally releasable anymore. You can form it and release it through a decision, like the United Baltic Provinces.
  174. -Added a decision for the Mughal Empire to reclaim India, adding cores on all Indian cores.
  175. -Changed "High and Low Pressure Steam Engine" to "Compound Steam Engine". Changed Water Wheel to Piston Steam Engine and Practical Steam Engine to High Pressure Steam Engine. Change their activation dates to make a little more sense. Changed the pictures.
  176. -Corrected some small graphical errors in the file
  177. -Changed the way CSA cores spread: They need a neighbor CSA core before spreading. This means no more CSA exclaves.
  178. -Changed the way EGO province modifiers from inventions work. Tractors now will only happen in provinces that produce a farm type RGO, and the mining related will appear only in provinces that produce a mining type RGO.
  179. -Changed the Bonnie Blue Flag modifier so the CSA has a fighting chance.
  180. -Integrated most flags from the Alternative Flag Pack V2 by Anon.
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