Post news RSS Howdy there, mister release date!

Is that a release date I see? SET FOR A TIME THAT IS REALLY SOON!? On my ModDB!?

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Well, if you didn't notice yet, there is one of those awesome little thingys up there telling you it was RELEASED!

Hooray! It is over with! Actually, that is the complete opposite of the mod (in a way).

I will always be updating, so there'll always be new stuff. Maybe even a few big ones...


Version 1 redoes all the weapon textures to look like the weapons do in real life. It also changes all the weapon settings to be true to life.

There are various other changes, too, along with a neat little surprise!

As I said, I will constantly be updating. I won't be doing it so constantly that you have to keep downloading new ones :D Only ones with true changes.

There is someone who helped me a lot, who I need to thank: jamie1992. Thank you very, very, very much :)

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