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The mod WM56 ETW 1700S mod is focused more on recruiting generals and fighting battles; partly based on history but mostly is a fantasy type war game devoted too being more involved in battle tactics and decision making and creating a different atmosphere for the game. If you set this mod on hard setting it will be pretty challenging game play.

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1. The first thing is the ESF file has been edited to give all the major factions 9 million in cash to start the game with. What this allows you to do is hire and fire as many generals at the start of the game and set up your chain of command. For example! Say at the start of the game you have 5 citys with troops and you want a general over them. You would click on a city and hire a general. If you don't like the general you get then you could disband the general and hire another one. With 9 million you can hire and fire generals as much as you like until you get the generals that you want to lead your armies.

2. Another reason for all this money is if you want to be realistic about things, down threw history armies big or small always have enough cash and resources to supply the army. You can also have larger battles if you want. You can now purchase land from an ally or enemy instead of having to fight for it. Even with all this money you will still have to watch what you spend at some point or you will end up broke before the end of the century.

3. None of the games core files have been changed so the game will play just like the original game unless you change them. All the changes that I have made are to the portraits , loading screens and a new female advisor as well as new colored maps. Their is a little historical value too the game but for the most part this mod is more of a deep in to it type of fantasy war game. This allows the player to devote most of his or her time to hiring generals and fighting battles as giving the player more options
for the type of game they want to play,

4. I made all of the generals portraits of different uniforms from the different countries in the 1700's so for example ; if you are England you would not want a general wearing a uniform of that from the 13 colonies or any other country. This is the very reason for having the the money to hire and fire generals. The way the game was designed all the generals uniforms pretty much where the same so it did not matter what general the game gave you. To me that sucks.

5. The unit icons for the European nations have been changed as well as the ship icons have also been changed. I tried too change the unit icons to match the uniforms on the battle field for this mod. This mod will play threw the American revolution of which most of the generals icons will match up with this period during history. I am currently working on two other mods, one is ETW Napoleon and the other is ETW American Civil War. I am using the late campaign ESF for these two mods. My aim is to produce the type of mods that will keep people interested in playing Empire Total War plus I like the concept of playing this 1700's mod , the Napoleon mod and the American Civil War mod as part of the original Empire Total War mod because you have access to a complete world map. It just makes things more interesting to me
when you can play with a world map as apposed to playing with just part of the map.

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