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Holidays was a good opportunity to make some planning ahead for the year and how The Six Dragons should develop. I would like to take the time and describe to you how The Six Dragons RPG is being developed till now. Weekly updates will continue next week.

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Sunday 27 January 2018


I admire the indie teams that 4-5 friends started with a dream and created a game together and had fun while doing it, and that was my plan from the beginning, but even though my social circle is not considered small, my close friends are not into game development so I started looking for people to create a team together, and I learnt a lot.

If you are the guy with the idea and looking for people that don't know you, and wanting them to adopt this idea you are out of luck, everyone has its own idea and thinks its better than yours, and it might be, so not many people will put energy on your dream, except of course they getting paid monthly.

So, being the guy with the idea but not the knowledge I had 2 options, quit or learn, I chose to learn, and I downloaded Unity and starting messing around with it. Being an IT guy helps understanding new computer stuff easily, and in the past, I've done some programming, so the first couple of months were enough learning all the core stuff using Udemy and Youtube tutorials, and start developing The Six Dragons.

The Team

TSD, as you may already know, is developed by a tiny team, which is huge at the same time; I, as the founder and lead designer of TSD is the tiny team, but people working outsourced from all over the world is what makes it huge.

A musician from Canada, 3D artists from the US, Story writer from EU, Web Designer from India and much more people that took a small or a big part in the making of this game. Although you might think that the budget must be huge, I assure you is very low considering the result, and that budget funded when the game was already in 1 year of development.

So if you have an idea just start making it, and later people will jump in when they see progress.


The game is in a playable pre-alpha state for Patrons, and the plan is to be released on Steam as an early-access at Q4 2018, this release will feature the Open World Mode with the player being able to use all mechanics and leveling system with the purpose of exploring the huge world and becoming stronger and beat harder enemies/bosses. After that, the Campaign mode will be introduced in the final release. There is one more mode that I consider having it for Patrons which is the monthly raid boss, but more on this later.

That's it guys and girls! Hope you liked this Blog and I would like suggestion/comments to make it better! Find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Patreon.

Have a nice Weekend!

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