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There are many elements to RS that made it fun. Some of them glitchy, while others were just plain cool. What will Rogue Reborn keep?

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What isn't being ported?

The June release date is tentative for a playable demo. It will honestly be earlier than that, but it's better to be earlier than late in this case. There is nothing, in terms of gameplay, that won't be ported. There will be enhancements though.

Want some nostalgia?


There are various oddities in piratically every game that make a realistic shooter not so realistic. Rogue Spear conquered a lot of these, but there are advancements that allow us to do more than what Red Storm could provide. It's also good to mention that this is a standalone project.

Stun Grenades

The truth in a stun grenade is that your vision doesn't go white and gradually fade back in. It's more like if you held a camera flash up to your eye and took a picture. The 300,000+ candlepower light source will ingrain the scene into your vision. The sound will cause all sorts of distortion and inner-ear imbalances. Basically, you won't feel good and you won't be hearing anything for a while.

So, in Rogue Reborn, if a stun grenade denotes in a room you are currently in, then you won't be feeling good and your hearing will be pretty much useless for the rest of the round. Your eyes probably won't be functional either.


If there was one thing you used in Rogue Spear, it was the MP5K-PDW. We want to bring a bit more balance to the weapons, so expect some changes. The auto-center, instant-death, super weapon will be a bit toned down. We may just keep an option so you can still keep the nostalgic feel of the weapon from the RS days.


There is still a lot of debate on how this will be addressed. I am all for it, but the rest of the team may disagree.

Sound and Vision Distortion

There will be a lot of work that goes into this area. Weapon sounds, proximity of shooting, etc. You just don't go unloading a spas-12 and have your ears feel dandy. Adrenaline is going to give the misconception that your hearing is fine, but you will feel it after. On the other note, firing an automatic weapon doesn't really give a clear vision of what is going on. It is usually to fire in the general area of the target, slight distortions in your vision occur.


We are looking to have a few (like 2-4) classic maps done by the time we want to have people demoing and having fun (which will be before the June release date). It depends on what people want, but we expect the originals such as killhouse-double to be ported and ready for action. There very simple, but fun maps.

For Hire?

We don't mind doing all the work, but if you want to contribute to the project, go ahead. Here is what we are looking for.

Player Model / Weapon Models

We only need 1-2 player models for now as the skins can just make up another 8-10 players. You can have fun, make it simple, we don't care. Our focus is gameplay right now. No rushes.

As for weapons, we are just working with the pdw, but look at to see all the other possible options.


We don't really need programmers. If you want to contribute or honestly want to work on the project we wouldn't mind.


Have a buddy you enjoy working with? Cool. You guys can both join. If you are a mapper, we like you. In fact, I personally like you. You take a lot of stress of me because I rather be programming. Texture artist, yes you, we know you want some additional work for the old resume.

I have a suggestion

Good. We have a response. If there is something that you want to know about the port let us know. There will be stuff we overlook if you don't.

Do you need testers?


Can I test?

It's not fun.

Well, I want to test.

Fine. Let us know.

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