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This is a Tutorial how you reskin a model. Its very easy and gives you everything what you need to know if you reskin a model ^^ (if you have any problems with my spelling or with the tut steps then post a comment with your problem and i want to fix it ^^) Online tutorial is in work This tutorial is made by Killer-X39 You are free to copy this but YOU NEED TO SET ME AS AUTHOR!

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This will teach you how to reskin a model in garrysmod!
its very easy but PLEASE READ TO END!!!

  1. Download vtfedit for converting the texture files [ ]
  2. Run vtfedit and press "File". After that press "open" and choose the .VTF file from the model you want to edit. (if there are more than only one you must edit every *.vtf file!) (if you want to reskin a HL2,CSS,CS1.6,... model you need a *.gcf extractor)
  3. Press "File" and then press "Export". There you choose your picture format and the location
  4. Edit the picture (for example I use but you can use the normal paint too)
  5. Reconverts the picture. So in VTFEdit you press now again "File" and after that "Import". After it has loaded you press "Options" and then press "Auto Create VMT File"
  6. Create a addon folder (it needs a info.txt) and create the material direction into that folder. (for example "materials/models/EDITEDMODELMATERIAL/" you see it must be the same direction you have selected to be reskinned)
  7. Press SAVE ("File" and then "Save") and save the *.vtf file in the addon folder you have created in last step
  8. Zip it and upload your reskin at ^^

Extra contents:
-Example info.txt for a reskin
Killer-X39 wrote:
"name" "First Reskin"
"version" "1.0"
"up_date" "i dont know"
"author_name" "Killer-X39"
"author_email" ""
"author_url" ""
"info" "this is a example"
"override "1"
-GCF Extractor

Killer-X39 wrote:

A GCF extractor is a program wich extracts
Valve GCF files.
You will see there are all maps,models,
materials,... from all steam games which you have
installed on your system! so you can extract
easy a material from valve its legal!
You can get the program here:
This tutorial is made by Killer-X39
You are free to copy this but YOU NEED TO SET ME AS AUTHOR!
Thanks for reading
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