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I may be experienced as an artist and 100% validate the strange (some say "ugly") GFX but I'm not that experienced as a game designer. First feedbacks are providing valuable information about basic problems I didn't noticed. So here are some lines about controls for those who'd like to get further in the game, despite the akward controls and incomplete tutorial.

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Alpha 4 - Win 32
The game may bit tricky to have in hand at first.
Keyboard : MOVE with WASD (or ZQSD french keyboard supported)
A mouse with a WHEEL is required to play
Press E to interact with OBJECTS (like doors, trees, offices, npcs ..)
1/ You should know that you have to collect a few things before starting to play for real :
Heart (the girl)Skull (the Sphinx baptism in the Mussolini HQ)Wings (on floor after getting skullSword (top of angel statue)
Press SPACE to open the POWERS MENU and select equipment
First column are MAGIC POWERS you can use with RIGHT CLICK 2nd column : SWORD then use with LEFT CLICK3rd column : WINGS - allows you to fly more and less quickly4th column : SKULL - manage your heart and blood (mana) levels
While flying, you must rotate your body with MOUSE WHEEL (usefull for the DASH power direction and avoid evil stuff)
Fountains : they save your game and refill life TIPS

  1. When you fly, you bleed and lose a very little amount of life. If you got only 1 life point, you fall. If you fall from too high, you die.
  2. You refill your blood way faster when you're on the ground
  3. Orbs are supposed to fast travel you but there can actually be a bit buggy.
  4. Try to interact with everything you can find some secret meat or KEYS
  5. There are many doors with locks , try to open the good ones
  6. You'll need better equipment but items are often hidden so don't be afraid to look in every corner
  7. The "supreme eye" is the final boss. You can consider you beat the demo game when you kill it.
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