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A quick rundown on how to play TinyQuest, the cam chat RPG.

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How to Play TinyQuest

Playing TinyQuest is easy to do with a few simple hashtag commands.

Once you create a character, you can take actions, defend your cam slot, and attack other players on cam. Of course, if you hang out without a character, any player can boot you off cam. ^_^

Make Your Character

Get started by typing #help in the chat box. Check your private messages, as this is how the bot delivers information just for you and we keep the main chat clear.

In the chat box. This will walk you through the basics on how to create a character:

  • #My name is ____
    • #My name is RedDragon
  • #I am a ____ (race)
    • Troll, Harfoot, Demigoblin, Zombie, Slime
    • #I am a Slime
  • #I am a(n) ___ (classO
    • Brawler (fighter), Sneak (thief), Acolyte (priest), Apprentice (mage), Occultist (warlock)
    • #I am an Apprentice


How to Take Actions

There are many actions you can take as a level 1 character of any race or class, and more that unlock from your character build as you level up.

Take actions by using hashtag commands in the chat box.

Universal Actions

MultiAxisMatt cute zombie advent

How to Manage Your Character

Your character has:

  • Stamina
  • Health (HP)
  • Mana (MP)
  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence
  • Alignment

MultiAxisMatt a delicious potion

Your character can hold:

  • Cash
  • Inventory
  • Equipment

MultiAxisMatt an incredibly powe

You can learn more about your character using universal actions that take no stamina or mana.

Character Actions

  • #who am i - read your character sheet
  • #what can i do - see your active and passive abilities
  • #commands - a preview of some basic commands - this guide is more thorough
  • #inventory - see items in your inventory
    • #eat [item name] - eat an item from your inventory
    • #equip [item name] - equip an item in your inventory
    • #sell [item name] - sell an item in your inventory
  • #equip - see what you have equipped
    • #unequip [item name] - unequip an item and put in inventory
  • #bank - learn about the cash in your pocket and in your bank
    • #bank [num] - put cash in your bank
    • #bank get [num] - withdraw cash from your bank
  • #donate [num] - donate cash in your pocket to hungry orphans

MultiAxisMatt Purple goblin orph

How to Do Combat

Combat is simple: The players on cam can be attacked. You will automatically defend yourself for a set number of rounds. Some of your class abilities are passive, which means you automatically use them in combat.

To attack, enter #attack and the user's screen name into the chat box.

#attack [screen name]

If you have been attacked, you can


to make yourself harder to hit by taking a defensive stance. However, defend takes stamina, which you might be out of.

If you are already taking an action, like foraging, you will fit at a disadvantage.

MultiAxisMatt a red troll fighti

Anyone can throw into a combat by taking actions that affect the two combatants.

At level 1, apprentices can #burn, acolytes can #heal, and occultists can #curse by targeting the screen name. Caps matter for targeting, but not for actions or nontargeted commands

Level 1 sneaks can #hide, which protects you from being targeted by combat, spells, and actions on or off cam.

And there you have it! The next step happens when you start leveling up. From there, you will learn what your character can do by class, race, and level by checking #what can i do.

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