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We talk about our business model in order to clear a few things up about our release date, and to keep you from asking this question over and over.

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One of the most-asked questions we have received (and will probably be asked even after this news is posted) is the cry that has filled development forums and the comments of game blogs: "So when will you guys be done?"

Thankfully we haven't been plagued by this too much. But for those who have asked, you aren't in trouble. We haven't really talked about our release schedule or even how close we are to being done. In order to clear some of this up and give everyone a frame of reference, we present to you our release strategy!

Several months from now, we will have completed enough of the engine and gotten enough work on the game done to give an estimate on when it can be completed. At that time, we will begin collecting pre-orders for Refusion. Yes, that's right, you will have to pay for this game that happens to have next-gen graphics and massive online gameplay. Boo-hoo, no free things for you. Of course, we won't just be taking your money without giving any proof that the game is still in development.

Benchmark Program (Working Title)
When you first pre-order Refusion in 2011, you will be given a two-in-one environment demo and benchmark program. It will be a very simple showcase of the environment, in which you will be able to explore and interact with in a basic manner. The benchmark will do as its name suggests: it will simultaneously test your computer's capabilities to run the game as well as showcase the upper limits of the game's engine. This includes procedurally generating a map and simulating the various ecosystems.

Refusion: First Draft
This will be the official demo, released sometime near the beginning of 2012. By this time, we will give you a mix between a demo and a game beta. It will have basic single-player RTS gameplay, using the same engine and graphics that the full game will include. A map editor and building creator will also be available, which we will discuss in greater detail on a later date.

The game will finally be released near the end of 2012, all features included. The buildings and worlds that you create in First Draft can be imported into Refusion, or you can make new content. We've covered the elements of RTS and FPS gameplay already, so go to the linked articles if you want to learn more.

There's a long road ahead of us but we hope to make the journey worthwhile, even enjoyable. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.


So there'll be a map editor and building creator, that's interesting and good, I was curious about what your plans on extent of moddability are going to be? Also, licensing plans for the gorgeous engine?

I was kind of hoping for an alpha-release method similar to Overgrowth/Natural Selection 2, but we'll see how this goes. Good luck, certainly looks to be interesting. Looking forward to the discussion on the map editor and such.

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