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The demo version 1.1 of How Smart is Cat? has numerous fixes and additions, check it out!

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Since the first release of our demo we got some good feedback from you all.Your ideas and thoughts allowed us to make some nice changes to the game.

Now we present the version 1.1, give it a go and see for yourself.

Windows Download
How Smart Is Cat ! 1.1 (Win)

Mac OSX Download
How Smart Is Cat 1.1 (OSX)

Linux Download
(note: You might have to set the file as executable in the properties)
How Smart Is Cat 1.1 (Linux)

One of the major changes are the controls. Before, you could rotate the camera and turn your character only with the mouse holding the Right mouse button, but now you can use keyboard keys as well. The controls are much more straightforward, since they resemble the ones found in most popular 3rd person games like Dragon Age and Guild Wars.The camera also underwent some tweaking and it moves and slides around better without going below ground or into objects.

Another addition is the options menu.Now you have more control over things than before. Quality settings can also be adjusted in the start menu and not just in the launch screen as before.

Animations were also greatly improved. Some of them used to be a bit wonky, weird and without transitions in most part. Now there are smooth transitions between every animation and the movements are much more natural.

There were also cosmetic additions.There is more vegetation and ruggedness to the terrain. Particles like dust and rain were also enhanced a bit, but not too much, they turned out to be quite a performance hog :)

We also improved the maneuverable space in game.Got rid of some invisible walls and made some places more accessible. Now you can jump on stuff you couldn't before and move between pipes and things. You still can't jump off a cliff into the water, since the kitten can't swim... OK that one is still on the decision board :) Also the path-finding (the A* project) got a bit of a wax treatment as well. So moving around is better.

Naturally, we noticed a few bugs on our own and squashed them accordingly.There may be a problem on some computers, like Mac mini, where the character is way brighter than it should be, for now you can disable the fur shader we're using and have a plain texture instead. Let us know if you have this problem, it will help us pinpoint the source of the trouble and maybe address it in a better manner.

To make things better we really need your help. We can't test the game on many machines. So if you try the game and encounter problems or the game just doesn't run smooth enough, let us know about your problem and computer specs, so we can optimize it for the final release.

Any other feedback would also help us a great deal, so don't be shy :)
Thanks for giving us a shot an looking forward to your thoughts!

Sly Cat Productions
Twitter: @HowSmartIsCat
Facebook: HowSmartIsCat?
YouTube: HowSmartIsCat?
Tumblr: HowSmartIsCat?

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