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In Machine Made, there are eight playable characters who will be encountered and added to the party. Each character has their base strengths and base abilities, but those are subject to a wide variety of influences.

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Some of the most significant influences that can be used in Machine Made to enhance a character's abilities are:

Stat-Boosting Items: There is nothing more effective than changing a character's base stats to round out their weaknesses or make their strengths shine. There are a plethora of stat boosting items in Machine Made (usually referred to as implants or cells) which can be used to refine a character to your preferences.

Custom Equipment: Based on the materials that you gather in the Machine Made universe, you'll be able to control how you craft and upgrade your gear, whether you want to enchant your sword for magical or status effects, or upgrade it to the maximum possible attack speed and damage, you'll have control to determine how your characters gear up for their adventure.

Tech Scrolls: Tech scrolls are hidden items that can be found with a little bit of searching, which will enable your characters to boost their repertoire of skills by adding in new spells and techniques that may otherwise have been unavailable to that character. This is an excellent way to utilize a character's stats and employ strategic thinking.

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