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Python and PyQt and videos down due to unknown reasons

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I'd like to take a minute here to inform whoever's actually waiting patiently for the proper graphical version of the Carmageddon Switcher of the steadfast, but extremely meager, progress I have made on the matter.

I have opted out on using HTA, offline web pages written in HTML and contained as one single application, because I would have to rewrite the whole thing due to the many quirks and Objects that can't be used when implementing VBS in HTML. As such, I thought "why not make it more refined, and write a proper graphical application while I'm at it?" As such, I have adapted Python, an easy-to-read programming language focusing on code clarity and ease of implementation, and QT, one of the most popular GUI libraries on all the three major operating systems (let's just pretend Linux is one OS for now, please). PyQt, as Qt's implementation into the Python environment is called, is overall rather easy for being a full-fledged GUI library. I am working on this in my off time "when I feel like it", so don't expect a sudden increase in progress just because of this news article right here.

For an unknown reason, the videos I had posted here on moddb are broken and remain completely black (no racism intended)... I have absolutely no clue as to why this has happened, and I'm unaware if it's just a problem I'm experiencing.

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