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Wc3:WoW wins the 2008 Hosted Project of the Year award; better late than never, right guys!

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Every year at The Hive Workshop community, the site names a hosted project the victor of the year. This is usually based on activity and the project itself, as well as the attention and praise it receives from the community. Accidentally, The Hive Workshop forum staff had forgotten about the 2008 contest, and had not remembered to give one out until year 2010's Hosted Project of the Year 2009 award was being given out.

We won the 2008 award for:
"being a unique, beautiful project and also a great game." - Ralle

The Hosted Project of the Year 2009 award was given to Diablo III WarCraft, a WarCraft III mod led by CloudWolf. Maybe you've heard of it? This year it was the top downloaded map and accumulated tons of attention and fans. Their victory is well deserved! But Wc3:WoW plans on throwing some competition for the Hosted Project of the Year 2010 contest! Lots to expect from us this year, including:

  • A year full of development news updates.
  • Plenty of new screenshots of 2.0's Orgrimmar, Durotar, Mulgore, Thunder Bluff, and hopefully other zones as well.
  • Website updates.
  • Closed BETA launch.
  • Brand new 2.0 Teaser/Trailer featuring Wc3:WoW's terrain and possibly gameplay.
  • Public release?

h! And I almost forgot! We're making great progress on redoing the Character Creation for Wc3:WoW. The interface for choosing your team, race, gender, and class is nearly identical to what it looks like in World of Warcraft. Still unsure about what kind of little modifications you can make to your character such as hair styles will be added, but we will most likely allow you to adjust the skin tone of your character at least.

We're also working on allowing you to type in your own character's name, rather than choosing from a preset or being assigned a fixed predesignated name. So if you want your name to be Chucknorris then you got it! Some names won't be allowed though, like in World of Warcraft. Names that aren't available would mainly be NPC names, names taken by pre-created Player-Bots, and names that have numbers or symbols.


nice work!

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