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The latest information on the new "in-development" horror game.

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Our first ever game called "Horror Park" is predicted to release in early 2016, and regularly I will be posting weekly (maybe daily) updates on how the game is going without revealing too much.

I have been working on this project for 3 weeks now, and have been facing problems that I am in-experienced with, but the game is now back on schedule and is up and running again, and we are also planning on submitting the game to IndieDB soon as to increase awareness of the game.

The group has also had the honour of working with a user called "TwoPlyGaming" who has surprisingly contributed to the game hugely and plotted the original idea to create this game.

In about a month we will have a website up and running with the address name: "" or "". Once again, I have had many Private Messages sent to me asking if the game will support any mobile devices. The answer to that is now: "probably", as only last night I gave the game a test run on Android, he results were fairly good.

One major set-back to the mobile testing was that Apple iOS kept crashing the game at any random time, and would usually crash the phone all together. Windows (mobile) was pretty simple and only crashed once the second time that I launched the app.

As far as I'm concerned, mobile platforms will be supported by the looks of things. I will update news regularly, stay for the surprise...

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