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This is not dead. I'm just a dumb piece of shit that forgot about their own damn mod. Info about mod here.

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Okay, so i'm sure most of you are going to be pissed at me or already are pissed at me, and i'm fine with that. You have a reason to be pissed at me. Long story short: I forgot this existed. Yep. I'm so damn retarded that I forgot about my own mod. Gah, fuck me.

HOPEFULLY I can release the mods soon. I live out in the countryside, and as a result I have really shitty internet. So when I do start uploading these mods... well, let's just say that it could be a while. I'm so sorry guys, and i'm sure most of you have lost your patience, but you just need to wait. Please.

Sincerely, Plasmastronaut

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