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Homeworld: Conquest version 0.1 released A total conversion mod for Stellaris set in the Homeworld universe. Contains new ships, technologies, components, music, and sound.

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Homeworld: Conquest v. 0.1

This is a work-in-progress total conversion mod for Stellaris (1.9.*).

The current version includes the following:

* Shipsets and prescripted empires for the Homeworld races: Kushan, Taiidan, Hiigaran, Vaygr, Kadesh, Turanic Raiders, Somtaaw, Beast, Keepers
* Beast and Keepers are hive mind and machine empire, respectively. Included secondary versions of those empires for those lacking the DLCs.

* Most vanilla ship sections have been replaced by Homeworld versions.
Ship sizes now refer to the following ship sections:
Corvette -> Homeworld Fighter
Destroyer -> Homeworld Corvette
Cruiser -> Homeworld Frigate
Battleship -> Homeworld Destroyer
Capital Ship (new) -> Homeworld Heavy Cruiser / Battlecruiser

* Ship behavior adjusted to be closer to Homeworld ship behavior.
* Removed fighters. The only true point defense (anti-missile) weapon is now a special fighter section, the Defense Fighter.

* Most vanilla ship components have been replaced by Homeworld versions, including weapons.
Power and Armor components are now one-per-ship, and are upgraded by ship size rather than universally.
Most missiles are torpedo-slot only, used in designated Torpedo Frigate and Missile Destroyer sections.

* Most vanilla ship-related technologies have been replaced by Homeworld versions.
Many techs are species-unique, but most of those can be reverse engineered.
Added custom Homeworld traits that provide access to racial techs. These traits cost no points, but are mutually exclusive.

* Custom systems and system clusters based on levels from the Homeworld games.
Some systems contain unique Homeworld megastructures. Some of these can be "restored" to produce science or minerals.
Added one buildable megastructure, the Research Station, which requires an associated technology to build.
Replaced non-DLC space monsters and fallen empire ships with Homeworld ships.

* Integrated system scale changes. Ship visual sizes, combat speed, and weapon ranges reduced to compensate.

* Added Homeworld voices and sounds. Ship voices are taken from Deserts of Kharak to add variety.
* Added selected Homeworld and Deserts of Kharak music.

* Custom start menu graphics.


* Conflicts with other mods and major Paradox updates are extremely likely. I don't have time to make compatibility patches for other mods, but I'm happy for someone else to do so.
* I'm not a skilled Maya user and did the ships through trial and error. Some ships have graphical issues, and the new ships don't have proper Specular and Bump maps. I may fix this sometime in the future.
* While ship classes and weapons are roughly balanced to match their Vanilla equivalents, the component changes and removal of strikecraft have not been tested and balanced, particularly against end-game crises.
* AI has not been properly coded to use the new content; playing at a higher difficulty may be preferable.
* Changes to the tech tree may be unbalanced.
* Please feel free to point out any gameplay, balance, graphics, crashing, or other issues and I will try to fix them if I have time.
* I have limited spare time to work on this, but I'll try to fix it if Paradox breaks it with an update.
* Bentus is not an included race because they have very few ships. I may implement them in the future.

* Feel free to repost this anywhere as long as you give me credit.
* Feel free to use parts of this for another mod as long as you give me credit, and are willing to let me do the same with your mod.
* Feel free to make a "lite", "just the ships", or "no system scale" version, as long as you give me credit. I'm probably not going to.
* All Homeworld-related graphics, text, and audio is probably the property of the copyright holders and I am not profiting from this in any way. It's a labor of love!


Unzip to:

users\(your user name)\documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod


Oh man, this need that sweet homeworld music

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