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A new Christmas release of Homeworld:@, reaching version

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It's christmas, and I come bearing a gift

Download Homeworld:@

No massive fluff post or screenshot blitz, because time is relatively tight now, and we only decided to do this a few days ago. The readme too is out of date, as I didnt have time to do it right, and I don't want to halfass it. So, here's what 0.1 means to you.

The 0.1 mark means we reached some sort of important milestone. In this case, that is the elimination of all original ships.

* A skirmish game with only finished ships is possible, and an unfinished-ships option is available if you don't mind the placeholder models.
* Research too is in, though at the moment it is not in any way balanced; researches complete almost instantly.
* Several new ships are in: The harvester is mostly in, though it's tank texture and harvesting effects are lacking. The republican taiidani scout is in, though only accessable through starting fleet. Several of Doci's galactic council ships are also in, accessible again through starting fleet.
* The AI in theory knows how to use the new ships. Extensive testing has not been done here, but it appears to be working. Please share any experiences you have with it.
* The framework is in place for as many races as necessary. Set the race to HW:@ Races, then set what starting fleet you want to use in the gameplay options. You may have to hit the More button
* Most of the UNH lineup, including drone frigates and missile destroyers, is functional as unfinished placeholders.

Standing issues

* I've recently moved to a new system, and haven't gotten UnfBig working properly yet, so you only get the .rar version. Sorry. If someone wants to repackage it as a .big and upload it, I'll add a link to that.
* There seems to be a crash bug that we haven't been able to nail down. While playing, at some point the game will freeze. The music will keep playing, but the game will be unresponsive. The only solution is to close the game through task manager. We suspect either an issue with the mothership hod or with the drone code, but haven't figured it out yet. If you experience this, please note the circumstances as best you can and let us know, and doubly if you have any ideas on how to fix it.
* Somewhere along the line the battlechatter and unit acknowledgements broke. I don't know when or how, and if anyone figures that out please pass it along.

I hope you enjoy. Merry Christmas.


Congrats! I'll give it a go when I get back round to HW2 mods.

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