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After getting greenlit 170 days ago, we're officialy available on Steam Early Access! You guys helped us get there and that should be celebrated with a new trailer and a huge update. We'll be talking more about the planned features and release a new demo soon but for now let's see what has changed in the V13.

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November 14th, the day we were looking towards for a long time! We expected our first few days on Steam Early Access to be positive, but we never thought that we'd end up on the front page in a bit more than two days.

In the last few months our growing community helped us to solve tons of bugs, made a lot of videos and screenshots and continued to spread the word. Homebrew would never get to this point if it wasn't for you guys and we can't thank you enough for supporting us.

Recently we sent everyone who had bought the game on our site or Desura before the Early Access launch a second Steam key to share with their friends. If you haven't received this mail yet, then please let us know!

Although this update is huge, we still want to name Homebrew a pre-alpha, not because it isn't in an alpha state but because there's still a lot of stuff we want to add to it in the future. As promised we also devoted more resources to the community and added a dev-blog, chatbox, guides on Steam and a few tutorials.

You can visit us on Steam and join our community to discover the world of Homebrew!

For some extra gameplay footage or tutorials, we advise you to check out the videos that Shake Bake has made so far. They are amazing and will come in handy when you need both help and inspiration.

There are of course a lot of other interesting videos too, including our own and to make them more available for you, we grouped them on out YouTube Channel

With the help of a few energy drinks and peptalk from some of our players we eventually survived the last +40 hours and managed to add all the final changes and get the trailer done in time.

At first we found it very difficult to show you all the possibilities in one trailer as you're the limit is your imagination, but we think that this trailer will give you an overall idea and some inspiration:

So let's have a look at some of the changes in this new update!

  • Improved netcode
  • Server list
  • Vehicles remain when a player joins
  • Vehicles are cached in multiplayer
  • Added some workshop functionalities
  • Changed Access terminal models
  • Finer part/pipe rotation (9-degrees!)
  • New Parts
    • Front Electric Sustainer part
    • Rotation Gyro part
    • Hemi-join part
    • Pontoon part
    • New Wheel Tires
    • Added Wheel Properties
    • Camera part
    • Monitor part
    • Smoke Emitter part
    • Detacher part
    • Customizable License plates
    • Brake Flap parts
  • Improved shadows
  • Black tree glitch fixed
  • Pyramid re-added
  • Massive bug fixes
  • New Monster-truck Track
  • New Dirt Track (23KM in size)
  • Boat race tracks
  • Moved Warehouse
  • Optimized a ton of parts
  • Updated part information
  • Updated Tutorial
  • Added more default vehicles
  • New Water
  • Updated Physics
  • Some advanced color correction
  • New skybox (It's finally pretty!)
  • ...

As you probably know, Homebrew has a free demo that you can download here!

This demo is outdated and will be replaced soon with a new one that is more stable, has more parts and default vehicles in it. The current one will still be pretty solid and can be downloaded in the meantime.

Homebrew V12 Demo

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