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Its 1 month from release, Voice roles filled, what there still is to do.

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Ok so, its now aproximately 1 month before Portal Unity is released.
Portal Unity will be released on March 25th 2011 with:

  • A whole new set of testchambers to teach you and to challenge you
  • An interesting setup for the new story we have revolving around Aperture Science
  • Interesting new music to go with the games themes and moods
  • Two new characters that go with the new story: 'Hades'- Super computer directly influenced by GLaDOS from the original game and 'Persephone'- A female character whos purpose youll find out as you play through the mod
  • A whole new look to the original portal with almost all the textures we're useing made solely by Galactic_Muffin
  • And probably more stuff that ive forgotten to mention

We still have to finalise a couple of testchambers and fully complete some other maps as well, along with the recording of dialogue and some finer tweeks to the mod, once weve done that we'll be ready to release Portal Unity.

This is very exiting for all of us at Still Alive Studios and we sincerilly hope that everyone enjoys the mod as much as we have had making it.


System requirements:

  • Portal
  • Half-life 2*
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • As long as you can run portal you should be able to run our mod

*If this is an issue with anyone, just comment this with the issue and we may upload a version that dosnt require it.


well... i think it's clearly an issue as most people probably won't buy another game if they don't already have half-life 2. I myself won't be buying half life 2... so yeah i think it's clearly an issue

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Nah, you're just being a cheapskate, go buy HL2, it's only a mere $10, and you can an insane amount of mods to get with it, so you're really getting about +100 games for $10. :B

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The mod wont require half life 2 its just that some of the maps use things from the game and they wont appear which may take some of the experience out of the mod, we would have put them in the 'portal only' version its just we cant because they belong to valve. Sorry about that :(

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Rorius Author

If it was a massive issue (ie: 35+ ppl wouldnt play it because they dont have/wont buy hl2) then i would consider do a remake with all stand alone textures etc. but for now i think its not worth redoing any large portions of the mod for 2 or 3 ppl.

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