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Project Earth and the Weary Traveller. Each make a return!

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Even though it had only been a short expanse of time, it had passed as a slow eternity. Those months ago he had left his mark and made a swift retreat, equipped with only a stick in hand, hope in heart and a song on his lips. He had planned to make a return, although when, he was not sure.
And such burning memories were in mind as he walked along those cobblestone streets of
Roma once more, the half-built wonder around him as he had left it. He was back.

Back home.


As opposed to just saying "Hi, I'm back!" I thought I'd make it a little more flambouyant, ergo the above. In any case, yes, I'm back, and so is Project Earth. I look forward to continuing its progress.

Now, for those with memory and reading capabilities, you know why I left. For the primordial oozes amongst us, here's an update. I left to take up a course which would lead to a job, working in the fantabulous city of London.
Now the part you didn't know; it all fell through. The guy who told me I'd get the job, apparently got fired because he's been telling everybody this. Luckily, I hadn't paid for the course, so I was able to get my £415 back (and hopefully soon my xBox and everything else I sold to gather this coin in <1 month).
However, I am now pretty much in an apprenticeship as a Water Treatment Engineer. Good times.

Project Earth. Good times. I really do look forward to getting back on track with this. I'll need to spend a day or two regathering my notes to catch up on my what-to-do list. I made a forum at some point before I left, which is drifting around on the internet that I'll link soon, and then I need to go over what I've done so far and get back into the swing of things.
However. I never actually left my home, so I've been here all along. I never knew how long I'd be back for before I left for the post-poned course (apparently forever), so I didn't want to start Project Earth up again, only to stop it a month later again when I left for said training course.
So, I started a mini-project, which I'd like to finish first. It should only take a couple of weeks at most though to do so, so no worries.
The mod is called Mesolithic Humanity (5000BCE), and it is a mod of Dwarf Fortress. (The creators of this are worth at least a click of your attention, they have been a huge influence on my Indie Developping cause.)

In any case. All is well. Huzzah for Roma!


Though I didn't take too much interest o your mod. The focus of DF is mining, farming and these things, not combat strategy. Removing all the complexity of DF may be good for starter players of it, but I will be just here waiting for Project Earth. ^^
Good luck with the mod and you apprenticeship. ^^

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Azkanan Author

It's barely a mod for newbies! If anything, it's a difficult challenge. Being constantly raided by simple humans, attacking for your food - but will fight you for it. Meanwhile, slow progress on building up shelter and walls, as well as gathering food and hunting beasts.
Anybody can dig into a hill and put a forbidden door down.

And, thanks. Apprenticeship is going well. I get paid, too :D.

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Azkanan Author

Currently bogged down with work; heck I'm at work right now with a double day, hoping to get a free day Wednesday to get some of Rome done, all of it if I can manage a powerblast! The forum, that is.

Just keeping one and all informed.

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