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Holodance VR is the first collaborative multiplayer Virtual Reality music game and will be available for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift + Touch controllers and probably PlayStation4 with Sony Project Morpheus. Help us kickstart Holodance on IndieGoGo and greenlight this game on Steam.

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Holodance is a collaborative multiplayer Virtual Reality music game that is currently developed by narayana games and will make you dance in joy! Enter a new dimension of reality and tune into the rhythms of the virtual to bring back the harmony to the real! All music is composed and produced specifically for this VR experience using binaural audio and the levels are designed to perfectly match the sound to give you:

A spatial, rhythmic, audio-visual experience of pure ecstatic joy!

Think of Holodance as a music video that you can enter and play with. But it's not just a 2D video - it's an actual reality that touches hearing and seeing and hopefully your heart!

While we already have a prototype that can be played on the Oculus DK2 + Razor Hydra (with some limitations) and the HTC Vive (no limits - just awesome). To make the real thing happen we need your support now:

Just this morning, our IndieGoGo-campaign went online and we need as many people as possible to know about this campaign and pledge. We have some pretty nice perks for you, so check it out and spread the word: Help kickstarting Holodance VR on IndieGoGo.

Also, we don't have our own HTC Vive development kit, yet, and would rather not burn a lot of money for flying back and forth to Copenhagen where we have friends which do have a development kit. While we cannot say for sure that we will be selected for the Vive DevKit even if we are greenlit on Steam, it should certainly help. And you can help us get there by voting: Holodance on Steam Greenlight (open directly in Steam client).

If all goes well, you'll have as much fun playing Holodance as we have developing it by the end of 2015!

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