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Some seriously cool effects improvements for every bullet impact, blood spurt, and explosion with the HollywoodFX mutator. Plus, jmoney's Real Gun Sounds will make you wet your pants from excitement and/or fear.

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Whoa, almost a whole year since the last news post. Well, I may have slacked off a little on that, but one thing I haven't stopped is modding one of the most awesome WWII games in history: Brothers in Arms.

Alright, first off, let's take a look at the HollywoodFX mutator and jmoney's Real Gun Sounds in action.

HollywoodFX heightens the excitement, immersion, and utter danger of war. It's in the latest version of Rendroc's WarZone (v4.30 as of this writing). Here's my boring-ass description of it from the ReadMe:

Someone wrote: This mutator significantly improves material detection and behavior. Most surfaces in RtH30 and especially EiB default to a few basic bullet impact types of effects. Well, say goodbye to the generic grey/white puffs of smoke.

Dead bodies and animals have their own effect when shot; leaves fall from trees; stone shards are thrown from walls; even glass windows shatter. Bullets will seem to pass through thin cover like hay and wooden crates (although this is still only a visual effect). Lots of bullet impacts in the same area will generate a smokey haze.

The biggest difference you will see is the hedgerow, which now emits leaves, grass, and dirt instead of the default pieces of dried wood that Gearbox decided on for some reason.

Tank round explosions have been enhanced as well. Stone impacts throw stone bricks into the air; shells hitting trees and hedges disperse a ton of leaves.

The blood puffs from soldiers getting shot now more closely resemble the "pink mist" effect seen in Saving Private Ryan. They also emit blood if hit by a melee attack. Sometimes you will get some blood on your face from nearby soldiers when they are injured. The shellshock effect is now more prolonged and has a new sound effect.

Finally, something... bad... happens when infantry suffer a direct hit froman explosive shell or rocket.


More effects put the awesomeness of WWII battles directly into your eyes. Your eyes. Goddamn.

jmoney's Real Gun Sounds

But wait, what's that? It's like my ears are being kissed by hundreds of baby angels. Angels with the sweetest-sounding Browning Automatic Rifles.

jmoney took actual recordings of authentic WWII weapons and edited them for your aural pleasure. How many weapons? All of them. That's right, every weapon in Brothers in Arms, including the mortars and tank MGs, have a new realistic sound. Plus some new bullet "whizzing-byes" to make you mess your pants again.

Hell's Highway

No, I'm not modding Hell's Highway. Sorry if I misled you there. But, I know someone who is: Pooky. Check out updates for his new map on the Gearbox Forums. Plus, he's saying he's going to make some maps for EiB and RtH30, too. Somehow he convinced me to help him out, I think it's because his name is so cute: "Pooky". OK, so if you want to see new maps for EiB/RtH30, sound off on the forums, comrades!

Furious 4

I'm not going to go into this, their inspiration was Kelly's Heroes, you missed the mark. I know Kelly's Heroes. It's a family tradition. It was my inspiration, too, for this, which I posted here on ModDB over a year ago:

I just might get this done someday.

OK, enough talk. Download here, BiA fans!


hilarious :)
I appreciate for your hard work on your mod. It's really awesome mod

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