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Give a quick runthrough on whats happening for summer

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Right so as many of you know it is summer so I just need to inform you what will be happening

Right now I will be on holiday alot! so developing time will be weak but this is what will happen.

I will find a suitable place for the arena champions home.

Post patch for the original.

Start drawing up the plans for the thieves guild one.

Then See reaction.

Of course all this won't be finished over summer I am also making a zombie mod It's not official yet and won't be for a few months but I am also spending small amots of time on it to see wha can be done. So my main concern is this mod and will need to get it finished Of course to be perfectly honest this is a releatively short project for example I wil do the thieves guild house but I won't be doing a mages guild house because frostcrag spire in the DLC Is perfect for a mage and I won't be doing a dark brotherhood because of the same reason those 2 guilds even though you don't get it rewarded to you through the missions IF you have the DLC then you just use those houses I am consulting someone on the other guilds but yet the ACH and TTGH are the only major ones so people I need suggestions. Once I have done those and patched then to the best of my abilities I will put the release dates on and if you want more just tell me however won't be counted as the main production.



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