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A review of the Hobbit Unexpected Journey. WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS but the text will be hidden if needed.

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So where to begin??
Ill just start whit 3D and 48 FPS.
I'm not really a fan of 3D but it made this movie even more awesome! It was used like it was supposed to. Not to many objects that fly into you and it gave you a felling that you are there. Especially when I got scared like hell when a piece of wood flu right into my eyes.
48 FPS
It takes about 5 min to get used to cause all the other movies seems slower and this one faster. But its not actually faster its just smoother and the actors movements now look even more realistic.
Trailer:what you see is what you get??? Not really.
Next id like to say that when I saw trailer for the movie I thought that Peter made Hobbit an action-adventure/comedy film. But movie is actually more serious than trailer shows.
But its very different from LOTR. And some might find that annoying . But keep in mind that that's not Peter's fault its because J.R.R. Tolkien wrote the books in different ways. Hobbit is supposed to be a children's book unlike LOTR who is a bit more serious.
Lets start whit Martin Freeman. When I first found out who is going to play Bilbo I said well he'll doo. And I didn't expect much. And now I'm amazed . He played he's roll perfectly. Especially when he's showing fear in the start of the adventure.
Now I wont describe all 13 dwarf's..... but I can honestly say each and every one of them is like God himself send them to act those role's. They act like they're real dwarf's.
That would be it for the actors the rest were seen in LOTR trilogy so...
Book and Movie difference
There's almost no difference except some small details which aren't that important. And now the one little detail that I'm actually glad Peter didn't put in the movie.
In the book when Bilbo and the others get caught by the trolls Gandalf imitates trolls voices and stalls the till the sun comes up but in the movie he doesn't do it. Bilbo stalls them and the Gandalf appears and breaks the rock in half reveling a sun coming up.
What I didn't like in the movie!
Hahahahh there's nothing to not to like. Everything is better then I expected. From actors to orcs and gobilns. But actually there's one thing I kinda dislike its nothing important.
So what is it??
Well if you watched Hobbit production video 9 you will see that goblins are made with CGI (Computer-generated imagery). Which was disappointing cause in LOTR orcs/goblins/uruks were men in costumes (in close shots) And here entire goblin town and his resident (goblins) are CGI. Unlike the Azog the Desecrator his orcs are humans in costumes and look real. But Azog himself is very badly made CGI character.
But all that is less important I mentioned it because I didn't expected something like that...
Best scene!?
Definitely the opening scene where we see Smaug burning Dale and destroying Erebor. And the scene were it show why Thorin is called Thorin OakenShield
So what is the conclusion?

I give the movie.... 10/10 Its perfect. A must see movie even if your not a LOTR fan.
Hope you like my review and that you'll see the movie soon.
Fell free to comment!
And here are two scenes from the movie.
Balin gives contract to Bilbo
Bilbo meets Smegol/Gollum


okay now i got to see it in 3D 48fps...

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I personnally did not find it very much different from LOTR and about the comedy part there was enough for me if it was to much then it would not feel right to me and the scene with bilbo and Gollum/Smeagol was hilarious.

for me a 10 out of 10 of too!

My best part was just the beginning with the start just so amazing with al the recognizable music goosebumbs all over!

good review!

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Jack__Sparrow Author

Thanks. :)

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its Azog the Defiler BTW not desicrator

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Jack__Sparrow Author

Sorry :) That's what google gave me because I couldn't remember.

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