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First Beta release of Shader & Texture update summary

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Presentation of units and structures were downgraded from TW to KW assuming to reduce texture memory however it could of been done better.
This mod updates the shaders and textures to make subtle improvements, specifically to Faction Color regions.
No changes to gameplay assets so it should be compatible in Multiplayer

Improvements include
* Faction Colors actually look correct for GDI and NOD (blue no longer looks purple)
* Improvements to the appearance of tank treads
* GDI Faction Color designs are more representative of the base texture
* GDI Faction regions will now display damage
* Improvements to the appearance of Adaptive Armor and Railgun Accelerators to be artistically consistent
* All Nod Canopies are recolored similar to TW
* GDI and NOD support Self Illumination (GDI feature in TW removed in KW)
* Tiberium has proper reflections

Tech Center Comparison

This is a beta and is incomplete, future improvements need to be made include Neutral Structures, Global Conquest structures and Campaign specific objects.

Extract and place folder into "Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath\Mods". Then launch using WrathEd Mod Launcher

Special Thanks to;
Megumi/Darth Jane, Golan, Shmafoozius: WrathEd
Bibber: Asset extractor
Lauren/Darth Jane: Assimilator Animation extractor

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