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After the start of the HLDM-Pro moddb page, the mod team decided to post one news per week, to keep everyone up of the work !

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Hello ! This is Elite reporting in. So far, we are working very well, and of course, we are not dead yet. We're just posting a news per week since every member of the dev-team is short on time, but here we are, I divided this new in three parts.

I. Programming news
II. Mapping news
III. Miscellenous

I. Programming

So far, the code has new implementations, which will make the game even more interesting:

1) Implemented Nine-Way-Blended animations, and reviewed the possible unlimited parts of the netcode & hitbox management code, to provide the best hit registration possible. The player animations will also be more realistic, allowing little details with the 9wb. We are currently using Counter-Strike's 2002 9wb animations for now, because we don't have an animator avaliable to make a full set of 9wb anims for us.

2) The arena gamemode code is completed. The idea is simple:
The Arena gamemode is a duel-type gameplay. Let's say in a server there are 3 players(X, Y and Z), and the gamemode is arena.

X and Y are chosen by the server to enter in the game, with 100 armor & 100 health, every weapons loaded with maximum ammo, and spawned at a random area. They must fight !
After one minute and some extreme hiding and gluon laming action, Y died.
The game says the stats (who won, health left and armor left) and then, the next match will be X vs Z, they are both also loaded up with 100/100 & weapons. (X is also back to initial state) And they must also fight. :)

3) The serverside player anim system has also been revamped, allowing me to implement new animations for players in less than ... one minute ! I added crossbow zooming anims , reloading anims, and much more later!

II. Mapping news

Mapping had some serious issues. Hopefully, our mapping team is made of people who are able to solve such problems. Our lead mapper Alley, had his graphic card broken, so he had to buy another one. After a few hours of thinking and trys, he managed to make VHE compatible again with his computer.

Srbo on his side, is about to complete his "Crossfire from a quaker eye" (zcross.bsp). A very aerowalk-type map where movement is a key, it will be adapted for Arena gameplay and team deathmatch action, a few images will be avaliable soon.

Rayvex is done with his remake of a singleplayer map adapted for team deathmatch 1o1. He is now working on a remake of the well-known map "Lost Village II" (Lost_village2.bsp).

III. Misc. Information

HLDM-Pro is coming !
The game will enter internal testing phase in about two weeks.

We have selected 15 testers from the AG community, people that we know for the moment in order to try the mod and help us to balance the gameplay as we have never been able to test the game on more than 2o2 action. Be patient, we'll be done soon, maybe June / July, who knows.. :)

On another hand, a 5 minutes+ trailer movie will come along with the internal test, as i'll be able to play with HLTV and record some actions showing real HLDM-Pro gameplay!

That's all for this week !

Elite, HLDM-Pro programming TEAM.


GHlad to hear you are progressing. Can't wait!

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