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Aftermath reveals its true face as a Valve beta content mod!

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We're back! After a year of hiatus, we've returned with another release of Aftermath.

Half-Life 2: Aftermath - Release 2

This mod should be played in conjunction with watching this Valve News Network video, "The Unused Content of Half-Life 2: Episode 1":

Release 2 of the mod contains:

  • 28 levels created by Valve during the development of Half-Life 2: Episode One.
  • 6 demonstration levels created by Lever Softworks to show cut weapons and sequences from Episode One.
  • A short playable campaign of Episode One beta levels, some remade by Lever Softworks.
  • Russian and German localizations.
  • 8 new console commands to make it easier to play the Resource Gathering levels. They are listed in the ReadMe file.


  • Updated Resource Gathering Testbed to have gun and ammo spawns.
  • Updated Resource Gathering levels to include HUD hints for key-activated D0G upgrades.

'Early Exit 17 Map 1weapon_hopwire Demonstration

Early Exit 17 Map 2ep1_c17_02 Beta Remake

Future releases coming soon!

ubilλmbdλ - - 410 comments

Looks great!

By the way, I did not play the first one yet, but I'd like to play both soon. Therefore, I have a question.

Is second release completely different from the first one, or just an updated version of it?

Thanks in advance!

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fox40phil - - 11 comments

If I don't have a "sourcemods" folder, can I create one? It doesn't work for me =/
Wouldn't be displayed if you dont have the Source SDK 2013 installed?^^ maybe thats the problem.

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ubilλmbdλ - - 410 comments

You can totally create sourcemods folder if you don't have it. But firstly, make sure Source SDK 2013 Singleplayer and Source SDK 2013 Multiplayer are installed. Also, restart the Steam after you copy all the files to sourcemods folder. Then you'll probably see the game under -GAMES category.

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fox40phil - - 11 comments

Hm doesn't work at all. Folder is created ("SteamLibrary\steamapps\sourcemods"). "hl2-aftermath" folder is there, within the files and folders of the mod. SDKs are also now installed. But it isnt in my lib. =/

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ubilλmbdλ - - 410 comments

Restart Steam again, and choose "Installed" section near the "Search" bar (on the top left) under Games Library and check all the categories.

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cubicapocalypse - - 4 comments

Has anyone figured out how to make this work? It's not loading any Ep1 or Ep2 content, so all the textures are missing and all the models are ERRORs. It also crashes loading most of the "Half-Life 3" maps.

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