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We kill Himmler and that's pretty much it in this release, but it's still a lot. I mean, you'll be making history books.

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Another slight change of plans as discussion about specifics and technicalities keeps going on behind the scene, resulting in progress and improvement all around. I swear. However, don't think of these in-between posts as mere stopgags. While the Master Archive admittedly wasn't top Wolf quality, it should not be ignored either. And neither should this one. Yeah, I went for the low-hanging fruit and decided to keep going with Laz, porting what I somehow managed to miss up till today. Well, no more.

Die, Himmler, Die! by Laz Rojas (Third Encounter) is probably one of the most famous Macintosh releases; heck, it even received a PC version (ported by ECWolf for AstroCreep). The storyline behind the whole affair is straightforward enough - go kill Himmler, it's time to deal the finishing blow to the SS. As usual, most of the storyline of a Mac Wolf mod is in the gameplay and audiovisuals, and since Die, Himmler, Die! is a big TC, there's plenty of those to go. Throughout ten maps (in familiar Laz style - symmetry, neatness, numerous enemies, you have it all) you will be going through a slew of different environments: outdoors, big crate mazes (very visually impressive!), various grey-walled locales, decorative wooden quarters, there's a bunch to choose from. Almost all sounds were replaced (some of them twice - you'll see starting from map 7), new sound clips being uttered by a host of black-clad enemies, including one of the most creative final bosses I've seen on Mac. What can I say, it's a Laz mod, they tend to be interesting. Have a look.

Laz Rojas

himmla 4

himmla 3

himmla 1

himmla 2

Die Himmler Die

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