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We finally had a go with a new netcode. While hit detection was stamped and approved as OK, lerping (entity interpolation) was not.

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Saturday evening we had the first "cheeky" test, then we talked for more then two hours on Skype. The following is an edited audio from that discussion:

AvP2 Team Fortress Mod for Aliens vs. Predator 2 Videos & Audio - Mod DB

We had the same people joining in on Skype: Ed (aka Hellraiser), Guus (aka Gps), Matt (aka Moose_Head) and Alien Grand Master

We reached the conclusion that while the hit detection seems to have improved a bit, lerping (entity interpolation) looks really jerky. We also considered mid-week tests, but just for netcode testing. And since 13th of June did not bring a playable new netcode, the bet is still on.

Last week's discussion concluded that some maps are not that well suited for Domination. TO find out exactly which maps are good and which are bad, one of our community members has started a thread war for domination. Pay a visit and vote up your favourite maps, and vote down the ones you didn't like on Domination.

What's up with the song you keep hearing? Well, that's just a weird Easter Egg: the medic has the taunts changed to play segments from "The Cheeky Song" by Cheeky Girls.

Your next test's cheeky girl,

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