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The war rages on between the USA, China and GLA. All Generals are deeply involved in battle.
The world involves itself in a economic crisis, because of the War efforts and their economy turned to war.
In this situation, a new dangerous threat rises!

Evans Inc. Corporation...a multi-nation corporation based on 4 countries [China, USA, Germany, and Saudi Arabia] with innumerable places of commercial activities including Food Distribution, TV broadcasting, High Technology Researching, Banking, and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The mysterious Evans Inc. Corporation has demonstrated to the world a pretty and confiable corporation, acting on 58 countries, receiving numerous awards for being the best company, having best social responsibility corporation, etc.

It's CEO, Dominic Evans Flarr, received the Nobel premium of Peace[for delivering food to poorly African regions] of Physics, for developing the first stable walker mechanism. He also started the Moon Mineralization Conoly, which would've been impossible without Evans Inc. Corporation. But one thing for sure is known about him: he has never shown his face in public...
But he saw his mighty Economic Empire threatened by this endless war, with, 3 cargo ships destroyed, by a sea warfare between GLA, USA and China. In the middle of the crossed fire, the 3 ships were destroyed.

So he decides to start world domination by using each product he developed to change the war history.
He then summoned 4 Executive Managers to help him with the fight. They are:

General Thomas Max Brunbank

from USA subsidiary

General Kong Hinaki Thin

from China subsidiary

General Muahamed Haveah Laah

from Saudi Arabia subsidiary

General Adolf von Hanz

from Germany subsidiary

Will GLA, China and USA falls before the Evans' power? Will Evans win the war? Will GLA, China and US ally with each other to stop Evans?

Prepare your forces General! The time has come for you to show your force!

By Gen.Kenobi in behalf of Project Evans Mod Team


why is the Germany guy named Adolf? like hitler u mean? BTW Hitler wasnt German he was Austrian. also i find it funny how they sell food and WMD's XD lol

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Gen.Kenobi Author

Hey, what hell people think just because a person name it's faded to be Hitler...C'mom....He's NOT a Hitler clone, or even looks like itler it's just a name!!!

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