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I have written some of the events from what happened during this time period. It took me all day to this, and I know its not complete. I have only looked at the wookieepedia sith portion of the site. I plan to look at the Jedis portion and perhaps that will give more insight into these events.

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History Of The Sith and the Force

A Very long time ago in a galaxy far far away there was no such thing as the force. Or at least not yet. On Ossus a meeting took place which changed the fate of the galaxy forever. Priests from a number of different worlds gathered and talked about some strange ‘Magic' as they called it. No one knows what they officially said at the meeting. Though what happened next was more relevant, The new found power found by the priests was called the force. At first no one understood the force not even the priests themselves. It would not take very long to figure out how to use this new power. Officially the Force Users decided Tython would be the best place to train the people termed as force-sensitive.

They not only settled on Tython they built a temple to train in. Unofficially Darkness even before the Sith was brewing; a few hundred years after the settlement on Tython and the construction of the temple. There was something that stirred no one knows how it came to be. The Dark side of the force was being studied as well as the light side.There was conflict on what knowledge should be forbidden and which side of the force was more powerful. A conflict soon erupted called the Force Wars. It was bloody thousands died within 100 hundred years. Just at this time however the republic was forming and the constitution which would stand for 25 millennia was born. There are no records of how many battles were fought or the death count in total there was by the end of the war.It took a few years after the Force Wars to establish the Jedi order. Within a year the order joined the Republic. The Jedi order soon moved to Couracant and Tython was forgotten. The republic was at peace for the first millennia, However after the first millennia Wars were often and they always were bloody. Now the force wars will be considered by man as the First Great Schism. Thats not how the Republic and Jedi saw it. The First 'official' Great Schism occured in 24,500 BBY, a Jedi named Xendor learned the power of the Dark side and turned away from the Jedi order. Before Xendor left he gathered many followers, which soon called themselves the Legions of Lettow. It would not take long before they were defeated. Unfortunately during this time their is also no records of the battles that occured. Though I have a suspicion that a few Legions of Lettow after the war fled into the unknown regions.

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I know the history is extremely short. Major changes to this will take place during Summer. Also I have only looked at the history of the Sith. Not of the Jedi. I'll look at the Jedi history in the next couple weeks.

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good because to know ones enemy is to destroy an enemy (evil Sith laughter)

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