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A short overview that explains the history and cultures of Noldorin.

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The realm of Noldorin consists of 6 kingdoms with vastly different cultures and backgrounds.

The first kingdom, which is not native to the continent, is the Realm of Gondolin.

Gondolin is ruled by the High King Feanor, an elf.

Feanor saved his people from certain doom by ferrying them across the vast oceans to find a new home, since their original land was falling to decay due the dark powers.

When Feanor first landed he founded the city of Gondolin and quickly spread his influence across the northern part of the realm.

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Gondolin consists of mostly immortal elves whom consider themselves above all others. Theyre most famous for their skill in archery.

The second kingdom is the kingdom of Jotunn.

A kingdom ruled by Northmen native to the continent, they survive by raiding and plundering others since their frozen kingdom cannot support a continuous supply of food.

Their skill with axes is most famous across the realm.

The third, and largest of the kingdom is the kingdom of Literra.

Ruled by King Thezmaer II, Literra is the richest and geographically superior compared to all the kingdoms.

Their color is blue to represent the wealth they have in sapphires, King Thezmaer's favourite gem.

Literra's strength is their cavalry, which is unmatched by all.

South of Literra resides the Bersian Empire, located in the mountains and valleys of Noldorin.

Although the Bersians share lots of history with the Literrans, due to having been united once, their hatred for them grows ever more due to the assassination of Lady Viola, the daughter of Emperor Argleb.

Lady Viola was to be betrothed with King Thezmaer II but this marriage was opposed by many of the Literran nobles, who plotted together to assassinate Lady Viola to stop mixing Literran noble blood with lesser Bersian blood.

The Bersian Empire is most reknowned for their craftsmanship and architecture, having some of the best armor in the Realm.

In the desert of Noldorin resides the Myrgiz Kingdom, a kingdom ruled by Eastern men who lust for power.

Some say the hearts of the men who live there have been corrupted by darkness, and that is why they keep waging war on other kingdoms, while they Myrgiz themselves claim they simply want to retain a powerful legacy.

The Myrgiz are most famous for their strong armies that is skilled in every aspect. Also because of camels.

The last but certainly not the least of the kingdoms is the Chaos Legion.

A legion of darkness that has only one purpose, the destruction of all freedom and the implementation of domination.

The Elves of Gondolin believe they are the reason why their homeland decayed and became lesser due to their practice of dark magic.

The Legion is feared most due to its vast numbers of dark creatures it sends upon the other kingdoms.20220210193733 1 1

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