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A detailed overview of the new and changed features, coming in the latest Hippie Swarm update.

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Although you may know basically what to expect in the latest update of Hippie Swarm, we would like to give everyone a more detailed look at what's new, and what's changed, since Version 1.1.

Firstly, the credits sequence: Although initially, the credits were just going to be updated, we at Quo Vadis have, in the last few days, decided to completely overhaul them. Instead of a movie-style rolling credits sequence with a black background, expect a more static sequence, with each credits page appearing for about 10 seconds, before fading to the next one. This change was decided upon, firstly to make our job a lot easier when having to modify the credits, and secondly to give a better visual appearence, as we felt the old sequence was unappealing to the eyes.

Secondly, new music: As mentioned previously, we have discovered that some of the music currently in Hippie Swarm (11 of the 15 tracks), may be copyrighted; although we could have taken no action, and simply assumed they weren't, we at Quo Vadis always err on the side of caution, so we have replaced them with 11 creative commons songs, for the coming update.

Lastly, a pause menu: As the game currently stands, if you wish to pause the game, you have to enter the buy menu; this only allows you to pause play, and not to quit the game, or to access the controls page. In the coming update, a dedicated pause menu will be added to the game, which will allow players to not only pause and take respite from the Hippie onslaught, but also to access the controls page, and to quit the game (although why anyone would want to quit is beyond us).

Our original expectations were to have the update out this year, but things have got on top of us here at Quo Vadis, so expect it to come early in the new year.

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