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Just an update to let everyone know what our progress is as well as our future plans.

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We've Been fairly busy in the past week since we finished the version of the game we released for the demo, we've added a lot of nice new features and some brand new polishing, we are getting close to our release date and are super excited to release our first game, and if you are all lucky we might release a new public version to test our installer.

That all being said we are planning to continue development on the game after release adding in some nice shiny new features, assets and modes as well as tuning some stuff, we had to scrap a lot of features and ideas to meet our deadline and also have some things that we had to rush and feel we need to redo but just haven't found the time.

we will soon post some bios of our group as well as some new game play footage from Hippie Swarm.

- Dammomark
- Project Leader

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