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High Tide is an Multiplayer Openworld Survival RPG.

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High Tide was created to have players experience the survival games that we all love, mixed with pirates, open sea naval combat, and the thrill of solid player-vs-player action. Imagine this game where you level up, build the simplest boat to venture and discover islands. Islands, where you can build a town with crew mates & a dock to customize and build up your ship. Venture out to open sea and take a prize from unsuspecting travelers, pirates, or British ships. You will be able to craft and customize clothing, sails, ship parts, along with weapons such as daggers, rapiers, cutlasses, flintlock pistols, rifles, muskets, and much much more. In order to do these things you will need the corresponding buildings such as a Blacksmith or Tailor. While on your ship, to reload cannons you will have to create gunpowder, cannons balls, a lighting stick and ramming rod in order to have the sufficient tools on hand to reload and fire the cannons. when your ship gets hit by other ships, it will create holes that will need repairing from a repair kit. Thats is all for now. Check back for more details of High Tide.

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