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A little info about the upcoming level, High Pass.

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This week I have received another updated level editor from our programmer Jeffy B. to continue work on the layouts for the new High Pass levels. This level is the second to last level in the game and takes place on an island covered in mountains hence the name High Pass. This level will combine a lot of art assets from other levels as well as some new ones made just for these particular levels. I also have to add that the backgrounds I saw our artist Tim working on for these levels look fantastic especially when u start to notice things like the lozenge man on one of the back cliffs playing his ridiculously large horn. We’re also continuing to play test our game so that I can make changes to any issues on the previous level layouts.

Here's a couple updated screenshots of the treasure map screen and a couple with the updated backgrounds.

Tropical Village

Frostbite Map

Tropical Village Map


I'm curious how you created your levels, I assume you built a level editor first? You should show screenshots of the level editor I'm interested in your GUI design.

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FinalMirage Author

Sorry for the late reply but I'll include some screenshots/info in the next post which should be up tonight/tomorrow when it gets approved.

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