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First Update for the Demo, goes over stuff about the project and also whats going on so far.

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Hello all,

In my first news post, I thought I would go over what is going on at the moment, exactly so you have an idea of how development is going.

First off , at the current point in development I am working on the High Detailed versions of each mesh, yes this is a one man job, I have to do everything myself which is time consuming but I have nothing else really to do so, time spent working on this is time well spent?

Anyway, whole point of this project really is to create something I can be proud of from scratch, and at the same time try to improve on my work flow and skills, and possibly learn new stuff, so I am looking forwards to getting more action later on down the pipe line.

For those who may think "whoa those models look really high detailed to go in a game" that is indeed true they are at the moment, what I am doing is making the higher detail ones and then making lower detailed ones so that I may bake the normal maps , AO and diffuse onto the lower detailed models thus giving me the same detail at a much more game friendly level, this specific technique is called "Normal mapping".

At the moment I am looking at finishing off all the weapons I have planned for the demo, then afterwards I can start on the extra sets of parts like, arms,torsos, heads ect for more choice.

I`ll put another update up probably when the extra body parts are being done , until then :)


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