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I've begun work on the next update feeling refreshed and ready to give it the time and clarity it deserves.

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Hello again everyone, I hope you've all been enjoying SoTE in all it's released glory! During the past few months I've been giving the game some space, so that my mind could be a little refreshed and so I see the game more clearly as I update and add features/optimizations/upgrades to it. I took advantage of the time to explore new project ideas and let me tell you, one of them gripped me with a passion so firey I must restrain myself from rambling on about it to all of you, (because truth be told, it's VERY raw right now and is mostly in my imagination, expect news in a few months though).

But anyway that's why it's been so long since I've posted anything, now on to the matter at hand. Over the past few weeks, I was sifting through your suggestions, bug reports, and the game code, letting it all distill for a bit before I began actually tinkering with it. With the 1.1 update I'll be addressing most of the issues that you all pointed out, and adding in a few new features as well; the battles really need a proper 'after action report', also someone suggested that scene transitions could be a bit faster as well, I'll be tweaking the AI to make it a bit smarter, and maybe giving the player some direction in the early game. Not forced direction! I hate that! Only some guidance/suggestions, and I'll include a check box in-game if players don't want any. I think some of the UI could do with a cleaning. (I just can't seem to get UI, in my head it makes sense but then I try and implement it and it goes wrong, but I'll keep trying!)

The update will come out slowly, as I'm dividing my time between two projects and other real life stuff, but I'll be providing bulletins through social media and stuff, so follow to keep up on latest happenings!

If there's anything special you'd like to see in the game, or something that drives you crazy, please let me know and I'll try and work something out, I carefully consider all feedback I receive and try to accommodate when I can. (Because I'm not big enough yet to have haters ;) )

Thanks for reading and take care until next time,
~ Heftig

PS: Apparently when Desura made the split from IndieDB/ModDB I didn't notice that the news updates stopped showing up in both places, I'll make sure to account for that when posting articles from now on!

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