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Just wanted to introduce myself to this community!

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Hey guys I'm Ynor and as you can tell working on a game called Transcendence. I'm a new developer here so I just wanted to properly introduce myself and my game. My game as you will find in the summary is heavily influenced by some of Hayao Miyazaki's works(mainly Spirited Away). However the game also draws influences from many other animes and movies.

As for me, I am a 22 year old Computer Science student, who has been conceptualizing this game for over a year now and I've just started to really pick up the workload and hopefully I will have a small demo out soon(this is easier said than done since I do both the art and programming :p). I am excited to have joined this community and I hope you all can accept me as one of your own! Please if anyone can offer me any tips on what to do or not to do, I don't wish to step on anybody's toes. Anyways, hope to hear about you guys as well!

here's a little eye candy:Transcendence 2015 08 14 155618

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