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If you thought this project was dead, I have exciting news to tell you otherwise.

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Hello everyone,

It has been over a year (technically, a year and two months) since The Rice Chronicles: Victoria was launched. Yet, nothing has happened since the latest developmental release on June 15, 2016; not even a post on the Contol Alt Delete site could explain the lack of publishing. The project mysteriously died, and the source code got wiped out. (But, you can play the latest development build here.)

While it is true that Contol Alt Delete abandoned the project when we merged into A.Safari and that the source code did get deleted, that doesn't mean that the project has to be completely abandoned. In fact, it's the opposite: this project is still alive. But, it's not the same The Rice Chronicles: Victoria that everyone will be used to. No, this one is completely different from the original project. Suffice to say, this project is getting rebooted.

Our new project, Obstructum: Rebooted, will be very similar to the original project that you're familiar with; however, it will be completely reimagined. Our latest post on the Contol Alt Delete website explains it well:

We wanted to reboot the original Project Obstructum and make it one of the best games yet. In doing so, we're creating Obstructum: Rebooted (yes, that's the official title of the project), a puzzle game with a similar storyline to the original project. There's a lot we plan to implement and do in this, and we can't wait to see what happens.

At this time, there are no development builds to play around with because we're writing everything from scratch. Nonetheless, we intend to get something ready by the new year of 2018; we can't wait to make this project the best yet!

Thank you for your interest in the project; we promise to have something ready for everyone soon. We'll keep updating this project's blog regularly.

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