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Super Skele Massacre is Design By Chris's second game! At time of writing It has been out on our own site for a little over a month, but I figured I should post it here.

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Well, that kinda summed up what I wanna say, but I guess I'll elaborate. I started this game solo, back then DBC was still just me with other contributors, now there are three permanent members and a pantheon of contributors. As is per the norm, I programmed this game, but unlike Kinigits I did almost no graphical work on this. Instead it was mainly borrowed from The Tig Source Indie Assemblee which, as I understand it, is a very useful large set of graphical resources for indies to use to make games. Almost all of the player/npc sprites came from there which was VERY useful. Anyway, in honor of us starting on our first (full team) game, we're releasing Super Skele Massacre here, for you all to play. If you wanna know more about us go ahead and buzz on over to Our Site for more info, also for more games!

Thanks for reading and thanks for playing!

-Wyatt White
-Design By Chris

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