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I know. You have been long time with no news from us. First of all, I want to say that we are impressed for the interest you show for Red Gun. We have many emails from people that wonders what is going on. Well, there are many news...

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The team is growing. We have a new coder that is working hard and making the game even better. Some new stuff have been added to the gameplay, which can make this game look less "indie" and more "high budgetted" if those concepts are being well used here. New gameplay concept, more inmersive, a bit less "instantly fast". Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the better good.
But, with a good coder in the team, that leaves me time for tweaking graphics, that look now even better :) It is not citadel, but will be one of the most impressive games, and for sure, the most using Unity.
The music is nearly finished, as the voice acting. Now we have to worry on other stuff as well like web, branding, marketting... we want to release the game as soon as possible. Our expectations are "before 2011" which at least is not a "when it's done".

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