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After an inactivity time I had a lot to think, especially because some especific events that sadly forces me to terminate the development of this mod.

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After an inactivity time because of my real-life stuff, I'm here to explain a couple of things about the development process of Hexen "The Land of the Serpent Riders."
First of all, I was impressed seeing people playing this mod, so I'm more than happy with the results back in 2018 after the release of the first two hubs with the secret hub. Even though the mod is far from being perfect, I guess it was a good start point for improvement. Also, I was thinking after the released version of 2018 to bring more people in the development process and maybe finish it as it should be.
That settled, I must admit I got a couple of good help, some people joined with good intentions in collaborate and try to improve the mod itself, fixing stuff, and helping me to organize better the entire mod gameplay aspects. In fact, until a couple of weeks ago, I've been continuously spotted by these people to finish the project and keep the development process.

What Happened?

The problem started after the release of 2018. Some part is my fault, but I didn't expect the results of this decision. I was even having a warning signal about some similar case with another mod. I won't be saying names (or Nicknames to be honest) of this person (Or these people, IDK precisely to be frank).

Still, until I decided to put her original character inside of the mod as the "secret boss" in the secret hub, I didn't receive any help from her, even if I made some level improvement in the mod previously mentioned that she was making (I realize later that she wasn't doing it with the author's approval). That said, after I include her OC and put him into the game; I started to receive a bunch of interest from her part and the team that she said she had (I must admit, I don't know what team it is, who they are or even if they exist) so I agreed to welcome her aboard. That was my first mistake.

After a couple of weeks, I've received a lot of critic from her, arguing especially the story, the class system, and the level puzzles. Even if I know they are not perfect, and they can still be improved, the conversations started to be harder and harder. After that she decided to make use of the Wrath of Chronos mod to replace the class system, also making the mod almost unstable for a certain period, she started to ask me the full development version of the mod. I refuse the first time; however, since I was with the idea to get her help, after all, I agreed to give the development wad with all the unreleased content and maps. That was my second mistake. Also, she started to ask me about to begin her version of the project, without the original idea of what story this mod has. I felt a little betrayed, but there's nothing that I could do, my third mistake comes here when even if I rejected the idea, I become resigner of what could happen. I continued working on the mod, improving some details, adding stuff, and fixing things. Still, I realize after a couple of weeks that she started to make the mod by herself, modifying the content, creating her storyline, and even ripping apart some bosses and enemies. Saying that I realize later that a Zandronum server of LotSR with a version of the mod using Wrath of Chronos, I was impressed with the integration. Still, my surprise (and deception) comes in the realization that she published the "in development" version with all the unreleased content (Only revealed by the posts that I made in Zdoom Forum or here). I become upset and started to lose motivation because she ruined the entire hype that the mod could have in the future, primarily because even if most of the content was playable, it wasn't fully detailed or polished.

After that, I started to focus more on my real life, my job, and eventually lose all the interest in this mod. She continues the mod development with her direction, people who used to help me starting to collaborate with her. Still, they began to feel uncomfortable like I was. Saying that I should retake the project since it has initially been my project at all.
With this in mind, I decided to end this mod. It was my most ambitious idea that I ever had regarding a Hexen Mod. I spent a lot of time in this mod, working so hard in any part of it, doing almost all by myself, but of course, I can't take this anymore. I appreciate the help that I had, and I mean real help. People like Conmiester, GG_Fritog, Madcat, Koresiarch, and Rolls were handy to me to finish what I did in 2018.

To close all the cycle. I'm well aware that Hexen "The Land of the Serpent Riders" Wrath Of Chronos still in development, I even got asked to support the development. I must say that I won't do that, and in fact, I expect these people to start to make their content because I don't want any part of my content (in any slight way) inside of that project. I won't support them, and I hope they come to the realization that steals someone's else project just because you don't like how it is, isn't the way to do mods, and I expect the community takes note of this if they sometimes achieve to release the mod.

So, What now?

And as the final point. Hexen LotSR has so many work hours inside, and I don't want all that effort wasted. With the people who initially helped me in the LotSR 2018 version, we decided to start a new project that I will be announcing in a couple of weeks. It is something that I already have one playable hub, but I'm still polishing some details to make the announcement. I still have a non-polished version that you can play in Zandronum in TSPG servers. If you sometimes see the server online (The mod is called Dark Chaos), I invite you to check it out.


Logo By Conmeister

Thanks for reading and have a good day


That sucks. But who knows, maybe this new project will turn out better?

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Considering the effort he put into more than LotSR which he's really tired with this mod, It should turn out a lot better as he really wanted to do at least in the first place.

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Taurustar_Drakest Author

it will, I don't have the same time availability, even with this pandemic situation I have to put more effort in produce money to live. But I'll try to keep the project going. Also I have a more personal matter with this new project that is probably less ambitious but means more to me.

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It is a shame to see this happening but you know what, it had to be done and probably for the best choice to close it off to get rid all of the frustration and pain which it has been there for a long time. Honestly, if it wasn't for someone throwing it away and fork it to their own "project" then it would have stayed just fine. Then again, I blame on that one person who screwed the whole thing up especially using Wrath of Cronos as a base.

Don't get me wrong, Wrath of Cronos is a fine mod for Hexen but there are still flaws within some of the mechanics and how GOD damn a mess can it be when it comes to...Map set wise with that. I mean the compatibility patches for some hexen mapsets are fine as it is but LotSR's forked version situation is nothing but a complete mess and destroying what the true version was going for after all. There's a reason why some people and I myself prefer using vanilla in that case.

By the end of the day, I still hope for the best with Hexen: Dark Chaos.

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