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Update on Dawi Kiss: merged into Hexenstag. Summary of some familiar and new features in Hexenstag 0.1.3.

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The main Geheimnisnacht group recently split. One group, keeping the Geheimnisnacht name, are carrying on with the old, too ambitious map. The other group, calling their project Hexenstag, are building a more focused mod set in the Old World only. That's pretty much the Dawi Kiss premise, and the Hexenstag people reached out asking to join forces.

There was only one possible answer. Dawi Kiss as an independent project has come to an end, but its best ideas will live on in Hexenstag. You can see the first fruits of our collaboration in the newly-released Hexenstag 0.1.3. Some highlights:

  • Just like in Dawi Kiss, the Chaos Dwarf Empire is united. But we've taken advantage of new scripting possibilities to add Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer mechanics and an electoral law to perpetuate their twisted rule. They also have the hobgoblin underlings they always needed!

Don't let it happen to you!Some of the new Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer mechanics aren't always entirely to their advantage

  • An even better version of the Engineer's Guild awaits, along with a dark mirror - the Mad Inventors. Don't you want to carry out reckless experiments and unleash fiendish war machines on the doomed heads of your doomed enemies?
  • The great cities that were teased here a while back have been implemented, along with special Dwarf Hold Great Works. Human Cities can go up to 8 levels with up to 27 upgrades - 3 of those due to interactions with the Engineers Guild - while the Dwarf Holds go up to 10 levels and 33 upgrades, if you've got the time and gold to build them! While there are plenty of Holds and Cities that represent the famous locations of the Old World, we've given you the freedom to build up your own favored settlement to be the greatest Hold or City in the world.

Dwarfs can dig and do lots of things

A peak at what Zhufbar has to offer, and just three of the many mining upgrades available to Dwarf Holds.

  • Plus reworked building lines, Bull Centaurs, new mercenaries, a new holy order, Karak Vlag and its proud warrior-king, the Miracle of Miragliano, killer Tercios - nd, of course, there's been a lot of work on optimisation and bugfixing of legacy script so that your gameplay doesn't needlessly slow down. The war on lag never ends.
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