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We are excited to present a new map for Operator Mod! This map supports both occupy and ambush gameplay, and is focused on intense room clearing and close quarters action.

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Hesitation is a new map for Operator Mod that offers more fast paced combat in close quarters!

SRT takes control of the center hallway.

The map features two yards for each team and a central building in the middle. Each side has two windows that can be breached in with a charge, and a door for traditional breaching. Also make sure to pay attention to the breeze-way in the middle, that can provide some devious flanks if you can get through.

SRT meet heavy contact in breezeway

Occupy provides a multiple life mode where SRT and IAD fight for control of the central building. Each team will have to wipe the house of hostiles in order to capture it, then hold onto the objective for as long as possible. The multiple lives means you'll get into more gunfights and learn the map faster, making it great for aim practice or practicing breaching techniques.

SRT gets attacked from both sides.

Ambush is a one life mode where SRT has to extract the VIP to a truck in IAD's spawn. They can push through the building to have the high ground, or take the breeze-way for a risky, but speedy extract. They'll have to watch out for IAD using the building for tricky flanks and ambushes.

A lone SRT pushes into an IAD occupied storage room.

Overall Hesitation is a great map for learning the fundamentals of close quarters combat, and is fun for newbies and veterans alike.

IAD fights from living room into storage.


what do we need to do to play the mod, mean on a server side
Events or is there a server that is played some times?

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OperatorTheGame Author

Subscribe to the operator collection here:
That should be everything you need to play on the operator servers.
We typically play on Saturdays at 5:00pm UTC time. Here is a link to the discord, which is the best resource for finding games:

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And i thought Insurgency was tactical and realistic enough.

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