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New heroic units for each race, plus a new armor type.

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Added to each race are three heroic units, designed to completely change the tide of battle single-handed.

- EXTREMELY overpowered but costly unit
- Requires a lot of resources (ranging from 1000 to 2000 mins and gas each)
- Very high up in the tech tree; requires a lot of tech structures (ie. Protoss hero requires Observatory, Templar Archives, Fleet Beacon, Arbiter Tribunal)
- Takes up 100 supply, and a player can only have one hero unit at any given time
- Unit training time for each hero unit is 6 in-game minutes
- Each heroic unit deals massive damage
- Health ranges from 2000 to 4000 HP

Protoss Mothership:
HP: 1000
SP: 1000
Armor: 8
Ground/Air Damage: 25+3 Psionic, CD 40, splash radius 32/64/128
Cost: 1000m 1500g
Requires: Observatory, Fleet Beacon, Arbiter Tribunal, Templar Archives
Trained at Nexus

Terran Loki
HP: 4000
Armor: 9
Ground Damage: 90+10 Psionic, CD 22
Air Damage: 80+15 Psionic, CD 24
Cost: 1500m 1000g
Requires: Armory, Science Facility, Starport with Control Tower
Trained at Command Center

Zerg Kukulza
HP: 3000
Armor: 10
Ground/Air Damage: 85+10 Psionic, CD 20, splash radius 24/36/48
Cost: 1400m 1000g
Requires: Hive, Greater Spire, Ultralisk Cavern, Evolution Chamber
Morphed from Mutalisk

Massive Units

All heroic units are Massive units, which take damage differently than Light or Armored Units:
- Normal attacks, such as the Marine's Gauss Rifle, receive a 25% deduction to their attack
- Explosive attacks, such as the Scout's Antimatter missiles, receive a 62.5% deduction to their attack
- Concussive attacks, such as the Ghost's C-12 Canister Rifle, receive a 25% bonus to their attack
- Psionic attacks, such as the weapons for every heroic unit, receive a 50% bonus to their attack

More updates coming soon, keep posted.

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