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Let's take a brief look at the Krayt Empire's "heroes."

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This article is the next in the series of updates designed to reveal who the "heroes" are for each faction. This, the second one, focuses on the Krayt Empire. After this will come the Confederation Revenant's "heroes".

The Krayt Empire currently has 10 heroes, and while this may seem somewhat small compared to the GA Remnant's hero list, you'll see why after perusing through the list below. There are multiple fleet-based heroes which makes it unnecessary to have any more heroes.

Another note before proceeding concerns a couple changes to the Alliance hero list. Gar Stazi will now be a fleet hero, having the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet under his command. It is composed of: 4 Scythes, 3 Tri-Scythes, 3 ShaShores, 5 Sabertooths, and 4 YZ-2500s. No, it is not overkill; compare it to the Outer Rim Third Fleet or a Nemesis Dreadnought. In addition, Nyna Calixte/Morrigan Corde may be added to the Alliance also since it was revealed that she was as spy for Fel; if you guys think she should be added to the Alliance then please say so.

In case you forgot or did not see last weeks article, heroes are divided into five categories, each of which is one class of starship since I am currently not doing the land portion of the mod for the coming release.

The categories are as follows:
-Capital Ships
-Gunships, Freighters, Transports, and Shuttles
-Starfighter/bomber Squadrons

The current line up is as follows:

Capital Ships:

-Dark Lord of the Sith and Galactic Emperor Darth Krayt, with his flagship the Havoc (Nemesis-class Star Dreadnought)
-Darth Wyrrlok III with the Imperious-class Star Destroyer
-Admiral Peto Kelsan commanding the Coruscant Third Fleet, containing 4 Pellaeons, 4 Ardents, and the Imperial Red Squadron
-The First Sith Imperial Strike Force, containing the Warhammer (Pellaeon-class) and Skull Squadron
-Outer Rim Third Fleet, commanded by Admiral Sha Dun, and containing 9 Ardents and 7 Pellaeons


-The Singularity, a modified Ardent Frigate with stealth and interdiction capabilities


-The Shadow, an Assassin-class Corvette with improved energy output and spy capabilities
-The Spectre, also an Assassin-class Corvette, which is basically the same as the Shadow but slower and more powerful

Gunships, Freighters, Transports, and Shuttles:



-181st Imperial Fighter Wing (Predator-class Fighters)
-Squadron Quad Victor (Blitz-class Assault Bombers)
-Red Squadron and Skull Squadron (attached to their aforementioned fleets above)

Like last time, picture will be added for some of these heroes. However, since a good amount are fleets and are not visually modified there will probably not be as many images as there were for the Alliance.
I realize I never seem to be able to meet my own deadlines, something always comes up and then screws up my plans of releasing articles on time... well I hope this was worth the wait!


I totally think that Corde should join the Alliance. She's comes off as a female Han Solo at times.

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I just realized something. What about Rulf Yage and Morlish Veed? Glad you gave Krayt a Nemesis SSD, that's what I thought he should have.

I really can't wait to see the Confederation's Heroes.

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Impressive. Most impressive. I hope these heroes will be available in skirmish mode as well! Keep up the awesome work!

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cheesecake645 Author

@Roaming_Mutt Yeah I think I'm gonna add her.

@Admiral-Ace Hmm true, I was looking at their info when writing the article and wanted to do something with them but am not quite sure what.

@Krattle Thanks! And yes, they be in skirmish mode too.

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