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Introduction to Skeleton Warlord, Guiding System, Targeting System, New stage and more.

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Hi All, it's time for Heroes of Ark Mobile Weekly Updates.

This week, we've decided to go for third person view of MAJOR change of this game. As previously we were working on Top View Fixed Camera angle and height, now we're doing like Devil May Cry style, players are able to rotate their view and attacks.

As well as minions are now rigid body, after minions die, they'll simulate physics :P

Additionally, we introduce a new minion/mini boss, Skeleton Warlord in this.

- High Defense/HP

- Hard to knockback

- More Counter Attacks



Next on is the targeting system, players are able to switch target now with one click for skills targeting purpose, players are able to clear target and target the one he's facing. Targeted minions are shown by an RED arrow on top.


Next on are some screenshots of the stage developments, and please DO check out the preview for the latest features.


Devil Burst Mode - Decrease Rage Bar, increase Health Regen, Attack Speed, Movement Speed.



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